3 reasons to move to Arlington TX

Situated near Dallas and Fort Worth, Arlington is a city on the way up. There is plenty for people to enjoy if they moved here, and you would be missing out on some great opportunities if you stayed away. However, you may not be aware of what this city has to offer you. To that end, we decided to compile a little list analyzing great reasons to move to Arlington TX. You’ll no doubt be itching to contact moving companies in Arlington TX after you’re done reading!

The list contains three reasons for you to live in Arlington TX, which may not sound like much. That said, these three reasons will be very compelling, so don’t expect nitpicky perks here. We will go into a little more detail than your standard reasons-for article. That should give you a more accurate perspective of what makes Arlington stand out among other cities.

So without further ado, here are the three reasons for moving in Arlington TX.

Reasons to move to Arlington TX: the short of it

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of it, let’s quickly list down the main talking points. If you only want the highlights, here are the main three reasons discussed in this guide.

  • Great costs of living
  • Solid job market
  • Enviable higher education system

If just reading that is enough for you, then great. Call your movers Carrollton TX has to offer if you live in Carrollton or anywhere nearby. But if you need more convincing, feel free to move on and learn more. Let’s dive in, then!

Reasons to move to Arlington TX: low costs of living

Like we already said, Arlington TX is fairly close to both Fort Worth and Dallas. That places it in a very distinguished place in terms of living standards. Hardly anyone would blame you for thinking that living there would cost you an arm and a leg.

But that isn’t really the case. In fact, the cost of living in Arlington is actually below the national average. And seeing that it’s in such a high-end location, the amount of money you’ll have to spend is way more lenient than you would expect it to be.

So what exactly is cheaper in Arlington? Well, for one, the costs of health and grocery costs are below the average in the United States. Since these are pretty important expenses, this is a massive plus for living in Arlington TX.

Grocery store
Groceries are generally cheaper in Arlington than in other cities

This financial perk applies almost across the board in this city. Transportation and utilities are also cheaper, which will make life much easier for you if you move here. And the rent is also cheaper on average – great news for tenants that are sick to the back teeth of paying so much for apartments. It’s even lower than in Plano, so call up movers Plano TX is home to and get to relocating!

Even real estate is much more affordable in this city. The average home in Arlington will cost you a tad over $117,000, which is well below the median in the country (though it’s pretty close to the average in Texas).

Great job opportunities

Those aspiring to get a more lucrative career will find this one of the most compelling reasons to move to Arlington TX. You see, the professional prospects in this city are really good. So good, in fact, that it was at one point declared the fourth-best city for job hunting in the entire United States. Suffice it to say that chances to find good work here are ample. So if it’s a good living you’re after, getting in touch with residential movers Texas is home to would be a good start to moving to Arlington.

But what kind of work will you be able to get your hands on? There are several sectors that contribute greatly to the Arlington economy. One of the more notable ones is sports, which employs plenty of people year-round. There’s also the motor industry – more precisely, the General Motors assembly plant – that hires all kinds of specialists.

Rangers Ballpark, one of the bigger reasons to move to Arlington TX
Rangers Ballpark is a draw to both baseball fans and people looking for sports-related work

Moreover, the proximity to both Dallas and Forth Worth means that you can easily commute there. The job market in those cities is thriving, too, and you can take advantage of that while living in Arlington TX. Since massive corporations like Amazon and Toyota have been embedding themselves in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, job opportunities have been plenty as of late.

Dallas nighttime skyline
Dallas and all it has to offer is very nearby

And the statistics confirm this notion. Around 3.2 percent of people there are unemployed, which is a solid stat. Not only that, but the job growth rate is doing well, too, expanding by 4.7% annually. And seeing that the median family income in this city is $69,276 (again, an above-average number), professional life in Arlington is more than decent.

Higher education in Arlington TX

If it isn’t a job that you’re after but education, Arlington does not disappoint. You see, Arlington is home to the prestigious University of Texas at Arlington. This is a very large institution that has over 30,00 students at any given time. That makes it the second-largest branch of the University of Texas system.

Aspiring students will have plenty to look forward to here. Among many others, the nursing and engineering programs are particularly well-defined. On top of that, it’s also one of the most diverse universities in the entire county, so anyone will be able to fit in. And even if that wasn’t enough, UTA engages in tons of community work to the benefit of Arlington (such as participating in law enforcement programs). If you treasure education, that should be enough of a reason for you to start looking for long-distance movers Dallas or whichever city offers.

But this university isn’t your only pick. You can also consider Tarrant County College and Arlington Baptist College if you so choose. They aren’t exactly on the same level as the University of Texas at Arlington, but they nevertheless provide great education opportunities. Students needn’t look for many more reasons to move to Arlington TX than this one!

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