4 questions to ask your Fort Worth movers

When you’re moving house, you want to do your best to make everything runs smoothly even though you know there are potential issues. That’s precisely why people like to hire the pros to help them. With their experience and know-how, professional movers are able to execute your relocation much easier and quicker than you would alone. However, not even working with movers is always a walk in the park. If you want a smooth and simple relocation, you need to make sure you’re hiring the right movers Fort Worth. Otherwise, the pros you hire can cause even more issues. So, there are certain things you should pay attention to before signing the moving contract. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you the 4 most important questions to ask your Fort Worth movers and make certain that you’re making the right decision. So, let’s see how you can find the best possible movers.

Finding the right movers: how to do it

Before we get into the questions you should ask Fort Worth movers before hiring them, we want to talk about a few strategies for finding the right moving company. If you’re new to the game and it’s your first time looking for movers, we’ve got your back. Here’s how you can find them.

Woman sitting on a couch and researching questions to ask Fort Worth movers
Before you sign any moving contracts, you need to do your research and make sure you’re hiring the right movers.
  • Read reviews of the different moving companies.
    Reading customer reviews is a great way to make sure the movers are legitimate and customer-focused. Steer clear of companies that have negative reviews.
  • Contact moving brokers who can help you find a good moving crew.
    Moving brokers are there to provide you with a list of moving companies that are reputable and reliable. They do the research and make sure all the companies they recommend are legitimate, trustworthy and licensed. This way you don’t have to do the background check on your own.
  • Ask your friends about their experience with movers.
    If the people in your surroundings have recently worked with apartment movers Fort Worth, they might be able to give you some advice and recommendations.
  • Meet the movers in person.
    And last but not least, we suggest speaking to the mover face-to-face. For this step, you’ll want to ask the questions listed below.

The questions to ask your Fort Worth movers and make sure they’re the right choice

1. Is the company licensed?

If you want to be certain that you’re working with a moving company that isn’t trying to scam you, this is one of the crucial questions to ask Fort Worth moving companies. Having the necessary licenses shows you that the moving company is acredited, legitimate and trustworthy. So, ask the movers if the company is licensed through the FMCSA. And if you don’t just want to take their word for it, you can always visit the FMCSA website and check for yourself.

2. Ask them about the services they offer

Now, one of the most important things to look at when hiring movers is the services they offer. After all, you want to be sure they can provide you with all the assistance you’re looking for. How else are you supposed to achieve the best possible moving experience? So, when you’re thinking of questions to ask your Fort Worth movers, remember to ask them about their moving services.

A covered couch and carton boxes
If you need someone to help you pack your belongings, ask the movers if they offer packing services.

Don’t be afraid to be specific and ask detailed questions. Are you looking for packing services or someone to move your piano and fine art? Or maybe you’re in search of storage units where you can put your belongings. Well, whatever it is you’re looking for, make sure the movers you’re hiring can provide it. 

3. Ask about their prices

Next up, let’s talk about your moving budget. Of course, this is one of the most important things to consider when you’re planning a relocation. Therefore, there are a few things you should ask your Fort Worth movers in order to see if their services fit into your budget.

One person giving money to another
If you want to go into hiring movers with eyes wide open, we suggest finding out about their prices.
  • What determines the price? There are a few different factors that affect the price of your relocation. But you should ask the movers what exactly those things are. For example, things like distance, the weight of your items, the number of movers helping you, the services you’re getting, etc. can affect the overall price.
  • Are the moving estimates binding or non-binding? Asking for moving estimates is always a good way to see if the company’s services are within reach. But while you’re at it, find out if the estimates are binding or not. Remember, non-binding estimates give the movers to add extra charges after the move. But binding estimates will show you exactly the price you’ll be paying.
  • Extra fees. Always ask your local movers TX if there are any hidden fees you can expect to be charged. Sometimes, there are charges you weren’t aware of, so try to avoid that unpleasant surprise.
  • Do you need to give them a deposit? 

4. Do they offer insurance?

Of course, it’s never exactly pleasant if your things get ruined or damaged during the move. But that issue is much more bearable if you can count on your insurance to cover the price. Luckily, most moving companies in Texas provide their clients with moving insurance. So, one of the questions to ask moving companies in Fort Worth is if they offer insurance. If the answer is yes, ask them what the insurance covers. You might be able to get insurance for some of your valuables elsewhere. Make sure you’re aware of the insurance coverage – it will make filing an insurance claim easier.

Trust your intuition when hiring movers

Other than knowing which questions to ask your Fort Worth movers, there’s another thing that can help you make the right choice – your gut. If the movers have all the right answers, but something still feels off, don’t hire them. There must be a moving company that you can hire and be confident you’ve made the right decision. When it feels right, it feels right, so trust your instincts.