5 questions to ask your Rockwall movers

When hiring a moving company, it is important to find reliable movers that will handle the move as it should be handled. Of course, it is easier said than done. There are a lot of things that you have to do in order to achieve this. One of the main things that you have to do is ask your Rockwall movers. There are several important questions that you have to ask. If you want to find the best moving companies Dallas, you should never avoid doing this step since you could make a big mistake.

What should you ask your Rockwall movers?

  • License
  • Insurance
  • Experience
  • Moving quote
  • References


Before you start anything else with the potential movers, you have to see whether they have a proper license. It is a thing that people usually forget since it is so obvious. Most movers in Rockwall TX have licenses but if you get moved by unlicensed movers, you can end up in big problems. That is why you should always ask for their license and check if you can. USDOT numbers are easily checked and there is no excuse for not doing this!


Another thing that you should demand is whether they offer insurance. Insurance is very important when moving because it protects you from anything bad. For example, your items could get damaged during the transport. If this happens, your movers should compensate you. But, not all! You should check what kind of liability coverage the moving company offers. It is the same with taking storage insurance. You should always look for ways to protect yourself!

a man signing papers - ask your Rockwall movers
Insurance is important when hiring movers


When moving, you want to have experienced movers by your side. It is important because there will be less chance that something will go wrong. Before you hire movers, you should always ask them about their experiences with your kind of move. Residential movers are regular but what if you have a corporate move? That means that movers will have to be even better. Before you start anything, always be interested in their experience because it is often crucial to a successful move!

Moving quote

It is important that have a number in your head when it comes to the price of the move. It is not always easy but there are ways that should allow you just this. You should ask for moving quotes before hiring a moving company. It is a perfect way to see how much the relocation is going to cost. Of course, there could always be changes but the important thing is to know even the approximate amount.


References are also important when looking for a moving company. Their experiences are one thing. But it is subjective. That is why you should look for their references and experiences of previous movers. Many moving companies have these options on their website where people can leave their experiences. You can see the experiences of previous customers and therefore get a bigger picture.

Always ask for references before making a decision!


Of course that there are many more questions that you could ask your Rockwall movers. But, some questions are more important and you should not hire without asking them. These questions should be enough for you to create a bigger picture and see whether you should hire a particular moving company or not.

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