5 tips on choosing a pet friendly neighborhood

Choosing the right new home for you is no easy task. However, odds are you aren’t the only one in your household moving. Almost half of all people own a pet of some kind, and these people need to have extra considerations in mind when looking for a new place to live. So, what factors are necessary for choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood?

How do you do this?

We at Small World Moving TX have five great tips to help you decide if a neighborhood is suitable for your furry/scaly/feathered friend (or friends). We compiled them for you in this great guide for how to choose the best pet-friendly neighborhood. Her they are in a nutshell:

  • Are there other pets around?
  • Choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood by looking for walking spaces
  • Choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood based on house rules
  • Are there pet-related services nearby?
  • Pet-friendly establishments

Are there other pets around?

The first obvious sign that a neighborhood is good for you and your pet is that there are other pets there. If you happen to see plenty of people walking dogs, then that’s a clear indication that the community is welcoming to animals. You can learn from the locals about what kinds of pets people have, as well as what their mentality is like regarding pets.

While talking from the people there, you can also learn if there are any particular pet-related activities that they organize. For example, Carrollton TX has a line of places for having fun with your dogs. There are pet-friendly restaurants and even pool parties! So if you’re looking to settle there, call up movers Carrollton TX is host to and rest assured that your furry one will be happy this dog-friendly neighborhood.

Choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood by looking for walking spaces

So, there might not be an abundance of pet-friendly activities in a community. But that doesn’t make it a bad place for pet owners – that isn’t the only metric for choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood. Perhaps there’s simply nobody there to organize such events, despite very friendly residents. On the other hand, there may be plenty of spaces where one could walk or play fetch with their dog, for example.

There are places like Rockwall, TX that have vast slices of nature in spades. These kinds of spaces are great to have your pet roam about and explore. Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve is a stand-out example of such a natural haven, with as much as 800 acres of land.

As long as you have great movers in Rockwall TX to help you along, you and your pet can make a seamless transition to living in this great city.

Choosing a pet friendly neighborhood: woman walking dog on a snow-covered trek
This could be you and your dog

Choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood based on house rules

Some neighborhoods will uphold a certain set of rules that pertain to how pets should be handled. These rules are usually given by the Homeowner’s Association. They serve to ensure that pet owners and those without pets can get along without trouble. These rules mostly have to do with keeping the noise down, cleaning after your pet, and not letting it wander around the neighborhood. If they suit you, then feel free to contact local movers in Texas and relocate.

It’s very important for you to look up what house rules your neighborhood has in place and how much they concern you and your pet. Have in mind that service animals are the exception to a lot of these rules. Nevertheless, you should nevertheless ask around to see what regulations you should abide by before making the move. It’s vital that you get these questions out of the way. You don’t want to go through the trouble of hiring terrific long distance movers in Dallas and finding out that your pet could cause you trouble.

Are there pet-related services nearby?

One great tool for choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood is to gauge the availability of pet-related services. By this, we mean veterinarians, pet stores, hospitals, and so on. If the neighborhood that you’re looking into has an abundance of these services around, then you know that your beloved pets will be in safe hands should there ever be any kind of trouble.

Vet putting a stethoscope to a tiny puppy
Services like the vet are essential for your pet

Anyone that owns animals knows that they can be a handful. Accidents can happen at any time, in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but they often require things that you can’t just get at your local grocery store. For that reason, having plenty of varied services and places where you can get the right supplies is vital to finding a pet-friendly neighborhood.

Pet-friendly establishments

You want to find a neighborhood that has a lot of pet-friendly establishments. What does that mean? That means that it has restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and the like which cater to pet owners and their pets. This doesn’t have to be anything particularly fancy, mind you: simply letting pets inside and giving them bowls to drink and eat out of is good enough.

leashed dog lying outside a cafe
You don’t want your pet not being able to come inside

There are plenty of places that operate with a pet-friendly attitude. Therefore, you’ll likely find a pet-friendly neighborhood joint or two, at least.

Choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood: wrapup

You want to be happy when you move into a new place. And we suppose that being able to bring your pet along is paramount for that happiness. For that very reason, you absolutely have to know how accepting the community you’re about to join is to animals. And to that end, you should do some research to see how a city or town you’re thinking of relocating to behaves with pets.

With our handy guide, you now know what to look for when choosing a pet-friendly neighborhood. Luckily, many places have become very tolerant towards pets and pet owners. As such, you likely won’t have a hard time finding the perfect place for both your and your treasured pet.

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