A guide to signing a storage rental agreement

When the moment of moving comes, especially if you are moving from a bigger to a smaller home, the question comes – what to do with the excess stuff? After you have successfully moved with the help of apartment movers Fort Worth, it’s time to take care of your surplus things. If you do not have a garage or storage room, the best solution for you is to rent storage! With our guide to signing a storage rental agreement, you will do it easily and successfully.

There is plenty of tips for signing a storage rental agreement. But here are some of the most important when you are signing the contract:

  • Location and distance from home
  • Security
  • The price (and what is included in the storage service)
  • Read the contract carefully!

Location and distance from home

The first and most important thing is to find the right storage. It is very important that you are not too far away from the home in which you will live.  Especially if you’re not going to keep the things you need seasonally.  If you find good storage that is far from your house, it will not help you. So be careful, look for something closer to your home, so you can visit it but also use everything in it.

Guy pointing on map
Think about location when signing a storage rental agreement

Think about security when signing a storage rental agreement

After moving with the Small World Moving Dallas, you may be guided by the fact that you have nothing of value in storage, don’t think it will be easy for you if your fond memories disappear. Therefore, choose only the storage in which your dear things will be safe.

Today there are shelters that are also covered by alarm systems as well as 24-hour security. Why risk being left without precious memories, but also, of course, without valuable things, works of art, or pieces of furniture that you keep there. Some storages also have cameras, which are included in the rental price, so you can see your belongings at any time, to be even safer. Choose what suits you best and be carefree.

The price!

The most important thing is to know the price of the service you will pay. And after moving with help of movers Plano TX, you may feel that everyone is safe and nice. But, not everyone has good intentions. It is very important that you do not fall for the scam, that is, that you do not pay huge sums of money for bad service and damaged things. Pay attention to the payments section in the contract – here you can find the amount of your rent and the due date. There should also be at least a small section dedicated to late payments. But also to what happens if you don’t pay at all.

Lastly, this section needs to have to include any other possible fees you might need to pay. For example, if you lose the key or storage insurance offered by the rental company. Also, you need to know whether, for example, the use of a camera is included in the price, or whether maintenance, such as cleaning or using the air conditioner, is included in the price or is charged extra.

Woman holding dollar bills
Look for what is included in the price!

Read the contract!

Also, another important thing is to read the contract well. Learn legal jargon and what it means. For example:

  • Pledge of personal property – if you don’t pay the rent then the company can keep or sell your belongings
  • Indemnification – if you decide to sue the company then you’ll have to pay for it
  • Exemption from liability – this one clears the company from responsibility in case you hurt yourself in your storage unit or if something or someone damages your belongings.
  • Breach – this is a violation of any terms of your storage rental agreement.

We hope that with this guide for signing a storage rental agreement you are at least one step closer to renting storage. One thing is the most important – do not sign anything until everything from the contract is crystal clear to you!

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