Author: Liam B.

Packing tips for busy moms

Being a mum is busy work. Everyone knows this. Especially people that are moms themselves. There are just so many things a mom has to think about. And these only multiply in a moving situation. Apart from making sure the kids are fed, dressed and generally happy there are new concerns in a situation such as this. Are they packed, how will the move impact their feeling, etc.  So, to help them out we decided to write an article on packing tips for busy moms, hoping that it will make the whole moving chaos a bit easier. Continue reading “Packing tips for busy moms”

How to store collectibles safely

People collect many different items, the most common being coins, paintings, jewelry, records, etc. These items might have monetary value, but they are probably also valuable for sentimental reasons. We all want to keep our collectibles safe and protected. If you are moving, it’s not always easy to find the right way of storing them. On the other hand, you might just want to clean some space in your house. Whatever your reason, you should find the proper way to store collectibles safely. The way you store them can make a big difference in their value and lifespan. Read our guide to safely storing your valuables. Continue reading “How to store collectibles safely”

How to help your children settle in

Relocating with children can be tough! Even if you are moving locally in Texas, there are a lot of things you need to worry about. When it comes to our kids, they might find it very hard to adapt to the new place. But, if you continue reading, you will find out the best ways to help your children settle in more quickly! Keep reading, and you will help your loved ones adapt in no time at all! Continue reading “How to help your children settle in”

Tips to unpack efficiently after moving

The act of the move itself is done. You are in your new home, filled to the brim with moving boxes. All the packing and preparation has led to this very moment. Now only one thing remains before you can start relaxing in your new home. That is – to unpack it all. However, the move, tiring as it can be, will leave you motivated to get this done as quickly as possible. To achieve this, you will want to be as effective as possible. With that in mind, we have compiled this list of tips to help you unpack efficiently after moving. So, sit back and enjoy learning about some of the great ways you can make your unpacking quick and easy. Continue reading “Tips to unpack efficiently after moving”

How to save money on a long distance move

No doubt about it, moving isn’t cheap. Even a local move can be expensive, let alone a cross-country one. By the time it’s done, many people have exhausted themselves as well as their wallets. Lucky for you, there are simple, yet effective ways to cut costs. If you want to know the right way to move cross-country on a budget, look no further. Follow our guide on how to save money on a long distance move and you can be sure you won’t spend more than you need to. Continue reading “How to save money on a long distance move”

How to introduce yourself to new neighbors

When you move, you will leave your old place behind and have to deal with a whole new community. This is why you should be careful when trying to introduce yourself to new neighbors. First impressions matter! That is why we have decided to guide you through this trialing period in your life, in hopes of giving you some practical tips to help you meet and befriend your new neighbors. As experienced movers Frisco TX, we understand how frightening it might seem Continue reading “How to introduce yourself to new neighbors”

Packing supplies checklist

One very important stage of every move is packing. The importance of this stage stems from the fact that depending on how well you pack, your items will be more or less protected. This, on the other hand, will depend on picking out the right green packing supplies. Packing your items in weak packing supplies will result in them getting damaged while going all out on very expensive packing supplies will be a strain on your budget. To help you find a balanced approach, we have compiled an article dealing with the very topic of packing supplies. Read on to find out which ones will be the right for your move. Continue reading “Packing supplies checklist”

How to mentally prepare for moving

The psychological impact of any relocation, however certain, cannot be fully predicted. Still, the best way to venture into the unknown, and produce a successful outcome is to prepare to the best of your abilities. With this in mind, a question stands: how does one mentally prepare for moving? The following few lines will delve into the answer to this question. Continue reading “How to mentally prepare for moving”

When is the best time to rent a storage unit?

There are a lot of reasons why you should rent a storage unit. Whether they are for extra space, band practice, or whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. But, there is one question you may ask yourself. And that is when the best time to rent a storage unit is? We are here and happy to help you discover the answer to that particular question! Just continue reading our blog and find out more! Continue reading “When is the best time to rent a storage unit?”

Tips on labeling your moving boxes

There are many things to consider during a relocation – anything from what to wear to when to start packing and preparing. All of these play a role in how your move will go. However, one of the things that will be the most impactful to your move will be how you pack and handle your items. After all, relocating your possessions is the essence of every move. That includes anything from who will be moving your items to how should you be labeling your moving boxes. The latter can have a significant impact on your move, so let’s talk about that for a bit. Continue reading “Tips on labeling your moving boxes”