Best Dallas neighborhoods to consider

It is a well-known fact that Dallas, TX is a city that offers a lot. Since it is the major trading hub, there are a lot of job opportunities. As a thriving city, it also boasts plenty of cultural and entertainment venues. And the same goes for outdoor activities. And we don’t even have to mention nightlife. This city is famous for it. However, a fact that’s often overlooked is, that it’s also a family-friendly place. It houses many great public schools and a plethora of activities for your young ones. So it’s safe to say: whatever you’re looking for in a city – The Big D has it. And hiring our local movers Dallas is a great step to making it your home. But, before settling, you will have to make your pick amongst the best Dallas neighborhoods.

Dallas, TX skyline - Best Dallas neighborhoods
No matter what you’re looking for in a city – The Big D has it!

Making an informed decision

Even if you’ve enlisted the help of apartment movers Fort Worth to change the neighborhood, or if you’re moving to Dallas, the decision on a residential place is never an easy one. There are many factors to consider before you commit to relocation. Of course, individual needs and possibilities can differ drastically. However, some good general guidelines to take into consideration will include:

  • Overall safety (crime rate)
  • Cost of housing
  • Costs of living
  • Quality and accessibility of schools and extracurricular activities for your children
  • Job opportunities
  • Commuting time
  • Entertainment options and activities
  • General “feel” of the neighborhood

By weighing “pros” and “cons” you will stand the best chance of selecting the neighborhood that fits all your needs. It will help you immensely before hiring some of the best moving companies Carrollton TX has to offer to help you during a big transition.

Our choice of best Dallas neighborhoods

This was a tough one. Dallas, TX has so many amazing neighborhoods to be taking into consideration. And picking only a few to present was borderline impossible. However, after long deliberation, we managed to make a choice.

Long exposure photo of Dallas skyline during nighttime
Dallas also offers a promise of great nightlife.

Preston Highlands

Preston Highlands holds a #1 spot on the list of best Dallas neighborhoods. And rightfully so. Just take the quick tour of the place. It is more than enough to make you think you stepped out of the real world and ended in a fairy-tale. The architecture and surroundings are simply breathtaking. Now add some of the best public schools, ethnic diversity, and overall safety to the mix. It’s everything required for Preston Highlands to take the first place on your list.

University Park

If you’re looking for a perfect place to raise a family, University Park is the neighborhood for you. It is a warm and welcoming community. And it has that specific small-town feel where everybody is friends with everyone. Great schools, amazing parks, and virtually non-existent crime are a dream come true for any parent. If you’re looking to see their child grow and thrive in a healthy environment, choose University Park.


Coppel is similar to University Park and Preston Highlands. ItĀ boasts low crime rates, excellent schools, and a warm sense of tightly-knit community. With the addition of dense suburban feel, it is safe to say that it’s one of the best neighborhoods to call home.