Best places in Texas to retire

Texas is one of the best places in the U.S for retirement. There are a lot of places in Texas to retire. Good weather, beautiful small towns, great adult communities, warm weather and, low costs. It is really nice state to think about life in retirement. Texas is a state with no income taxes. 11.7 % of the population in Texas is 65 years and older than that. Texas with 28.7 million people is growing very fast. With friendly people and community has a slower pace of life. Austin is the capital city. Cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio are also large cities in Texas. Before relocating to Texas you can choose DFW moving companies to help you with your relocation. If you are thinking to retire in Texas you can choose many small towns and rural areas. It depends on your needs and lifestyle.

Tips on how to find the best places in Texas to retire

Texas has a lot of beautiful cities and retirement towns really popular with older people. San Antonio has a beautiful riverfront for long walks. Besides San Antonio, cities as Rio Grande Valley and Corpus Christi are one of the best places in Texas to retire. They showed up at the top of 100 places to retire in Texas. Texas Department of Agriculture is running the Texas retirement community program. Texas has 35 communities that are certified retirement communities for 2016. Every year, the state adds more and more new communities for retirement.  If you decide to move to some of the certified Texas communities for retirement you can hire moving companies McKinney TX to help you with their services. Some of the best cities in Texas to reach retirement age are Cuero, St. Augustine County- Odessa, Lufkin, Duncanville, and Longview. These are the most desirable Texas retirement communities.

The couple is sitting in wooden bench in one of the best places in Texas to retire
Every year you can choose some new community in Texas to retire

Where to Retire in Texas

With lower tax rates in Texas, many people want to retire in the Lone Star State. Along with this Social Security retirement benefits and other income are tax-free. If you have a pension or IRA state of Texas will not tax your retirement income. Every year you can save a lot of money in tax savings in the state of Texas. It is not the case with other states. Furthermore, if you decide to work part-time during retirement, the state of Texas will not tax your work salary. Along with this, Texas has a low unemployment rate and you have an expression like “worktirement”. In the list below you have the best places in Texas to retire:

  • Tomball
  • Granbury
  • Webster
  • Fredericksburg
  • Livingston
  • Richmond

Tomball city

Tomball is the part of Northern Houston. Highly ranked like a medical center. Tomball has a lot of recreational centers and retirement communities. Tomball is a half-hour from Houston and downtown. One of the best centers in Texas is the Retirement centers in Tomball. They are helping residents and people who are moving to Texas to have quality living and the best possible comfort. So, if you are planning to relocate to Texas, you can choose local movers Dallas to help you with local moving. The professional moving company has experts in all kinds of services. They will adapt to your needs and will save you time in preparing for your move.

old people are resting by the lake
Tomball city is highly ranked as a medical center

Webster- A great place to retire in Houston

Webster is a part of South Houston. One of the second-best places in Texas to retire. Besides that is also the second medical center in Texas. Because it is really close to Houston, Webster is also close to Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay portion. Armand Bayou Nature Center is also close to Galveston Bay. There you can see over 350 species of different kinds of animals and one of the most beautiful wilderness preserve. The seniors are enjoying living in Webster. You have really good access to whatever you need in this city. The local areas are really peaceful but nevertheless, you have some a bit busier. Houston downtown is really close and it goes straight to the beach in Galveston. If you decide to live in this area everything is clean and the prices are fair.

Fredericksburg- With a lot of fruit ranches and beautiful farms

Fredericksburg is halfway to Austin and San Antonio. The other name for Fredericksburg is a peach capital.  The town has 4 medical per 1000 residents. The city’s population is one-third of seniors which is a good high. Fredericksburg has a lot of parks. There is also a Marktplatz playground, and then you can play golf Bird Johnson Golf course. A great place for hiking is Rock State Natural Area. Gillespie County and Fredericksburg are home to a lot of farms and ranches. Fredericksburg has a lot of agricultural experiences. Many farms are family owned and they are focus on wildflowers and pecan orchards. One of the best cities in Texas to reach retirement age is definitely Fredericksburg. If you are seniors and you want professional help with relocating to Texas you can hire a trustworthy relocating company and get some discount for moving seniors. Good luck with moving!

people are resting by the lake
Now you can finally rest in days of retirement

Richmond- enjoy as a senior in Texas

The environment in Richmond is very safe.  There are a lot of trees and nature. You can enjoy yourself as a senior in long walks. Residents are very friendly and helpful. They stand for community. You can find a lot of events for seniors and for people from every culture and interest. Living in Richmond Texas is affordable and there are a lot of job opportunities in the city. Besides that, there are a lot of shops, groceries, restaurants and different kinds of entertainment. Sugar land and Houston are really close. There you can find sports entertainment and recreational centers. Richmond is known for its recreational centers.