Disinfecting your storage unit: a DIY guide

Many people opt for renting a storage unit for the safekeeping of their belongings and downsizing their homes. But there are things you should keep in mind when you’re renting storage. First of all, you need to make sure you’re renting the storage from a reliable company like Small World Moving TX. Once you know you’re getting a safe and reliable storage unit, it’s time to prepare it for your belongings. Namely, it’s best to disinfect and clean the storage space before putting all your things in the storage unit. Even in case you already have things in storage, you should clean the unit regularly and make sure your things are in a clean and safe environment. That is precisely why today we want to talk about disinfecting your storage unit. So, let’s dive in and see what you should keep in mind when cleaning the storage.

Getting cleaning supplies for disinfecting your storage unit

Before you take a trip to the storage facility in order to disinfect your storage unit, what do you need? Well, cleaning supplies, of course! You should go to the storage unit fully prepared. What that entails is getting the cleaning solution and the tools that will enable you to do a deep clean of the storage. Here are some of the commonly used cleaning products:

Cleaning supplies for disinfecting your storage unit
First of all, get the appropriate cleaning supplies for cleaning the storage and get some hand sanitizer while you’re at it.
  • Soap and hot water
  • Disinfectants and cleaning solutions
  • Homemade cleaners┬ámade of vinegar, water and baking soda
  • Sponges and various cloths
  • Mops
  • Vacuum cleaners (if your storage unit has a plug socket)
  • Dusters and brooms

Look for signs of mold and pests while disinfecting your storage unit

Of course, when you’re still choosing the best available storage, you need to inspect it. It’s always best to check of any issues like mold, pests and rodents before signing a contract with your movers in Irving TX who offer storage services. However, even if you rent a completely issue-free unit, you need to do regular check-ups. It’s important to be sure that there’s no mold forming in the storage unit and that your things are safe. So, while you’re sanitizing the storage unit, you should make sure that there’s no mildew. Luckily, there are ways of protecting your storage unit from mold. After all, preventing a problem is easier than solving it. Here are some things you can do to make sure your storage stays mold-free:

Storage unit doors
One of the steps of cleaning your storage unit is checking for issues like mold.
  • Get climate-controlled storage.
  • Don’t store damp boxes.
  • Keep the storage unit dry.
  • Check the humidity levels – they shouldn’t be over 50%.

Focus on the high-touch areas

When you’re disinfecting your storage unit, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, there are certain areas you should focus on. Namely, the areas that you touch the most are the ones that deserve a little extra attention. Things like doorknobs, handles, power switches, etc. are the ones you need to focus on. Use alcohol or a similar disinfectant to make sure you get rid of all the bacteria on these objects. Keep in mind that you should do this as often as possible. You might want to sanitize these items once you start cleaning and a few other times throughout the day. This way you’re protecting yourself and anyone else who is using these high-touch objects.

Ventilate the storage unit

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a storage unit to rent from your movers Fort Worth. Other than the mold situation, you should also check out the ventilation system. Good ventilation is something that will help with preventing mold and keeping the temperature at bay. While you’re cleaning, we recommend keeping the doors and windows open so that there’s airflow in the storage. Keeping the space ventilated and fresh is very important. It will help get rid of any odors, moisture, indoor pollutants, etc. So, don’t underestimate the power of ventilation when disinfecting your storage space.

Remove dust

Dust is everywhere and cleaning it sometimes seems like a pointless job because you’ll have to do it again tomorrow. However, removing dust is very important if you want to have a clean space. So, when you’re cleaning your storage unit, take a duster or a damp cloth and dust your belongings. Dust can cause allergies for some people, so that’s another reason to get rid of it while cleaning. It doesn’t take a long time but it makes a big difference.

Clean the floors and surfaces

The floors of any room get dirty and dusty very quickly. That’s why taking care of them is important when you’re sanitizing your storage unit. Depending on the kind of floor in the storage unit, there are different ways of cleaning it.

Vacuum cleaner
Use a vacuum cleaner, a broom or a mop to clean the floor of your storage unit.
  • Use a broom and a dustpan to clean the floor if it’s concrete.
  • If there’s a plug socket in the storage unit, you can vacuum the floor to make sure it’s clean and dust-free.
  • If the floor is made up of tiles, linoleum, laminate or wood, use a mop and a cleaning solution of your choice to clean the floor.

If there are any shelves or similar surfaces in your storage unit, you need to clean them too. A great way to disinfect these places is by cleaning them with soap and water first. Afterward, take a disinfectant to make sure the surfaces are spotless and bacteria-free.

Protect your belongings when packing them for storage

Other than disinfecting your storage unit, something else you should do when storing your belongings is to protect them for storage. What does that entail? It’s quite simple, really. What you need to do is properly wrap and pack your things. Pack your things into sturdy boxes and close them properly. Keep the boxes off the floor for extra protection. If you’re storing things that can’t fit into boxes, we recommend covering up these items. You can use blankets, sheets or plastic covers to protect your items from dust and dirt. Take your time with cleaning and go over every inch of the storage unit. Protect yourself by wearing gloves and washing your hands regularly.

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