Feng shui rules for arranging your new home

Moving to a new home brings forth a lot of opportunities. You get a fresh start, and a chance to arrange your space as your heart desires. While apartment movers Fort Worth can make sure all of your belongings reach their destination safely and in an impeccable state, it will be up to you to find them the best place in your new home. If you are looking for some new ideas, and are a Chinese philosophy enthusiast, feng shui rules for arranging your new home might be just the thing. In the text that follows, we will go through some principles that you can use, and make your new place into a pleasant, welcoming and warm house.

It is no secret that a home reflects its owner. Feel free to ask your movers in Rockwall TX whether they were able to judge a person’s character with great accuracy based on the home they live in. We are sure that the answer you get will substantiate our claim. With this in mind, it is logical to assume that the place we live in can greatly affect our mood and well-being. Having said that, it is more than wise to use this rule to your advantage. With these feng shui rules for arranging your home, you will have a truly wonderful place to enjoy.

Spilled coffee on a table filled with papers
A messy place can do more than hinder your mood.

One of the most important feng shui rules for arranging your home

By its definition, feng shui claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Controlling these forces, known as ‘chi’ is, thus, an essential part of this practice. You want to be able to manipulate the energy flow so that your home gets the most of it.

For example, if you have just moved into an apartment that has a direct line-of-sight between the front door and the back door, you need to take some action. See, this situation allows the chi (or energy) to shoot through the house too fast. So, instead of having it fly straight out the back door, you want to help it move in a graceful way that goes around your whole home evenly. To mend this situation, we suggest that you use a patterned rug on the floor. The artwork on the walls and even a round entry table will also do great to slow the chi down.

Keep your home clean, neat and tidy

Not like you needed Chinese philosophy telling you that. However, having that is a well known and often recommended course of action, why not listen to it? Apart from the obvious benefits, feng shui has additional reasons for making your home tidy. Namely, according to this practice, clutter is more than just visually displeasing. It is an energetic anchor that keeps you in place instead of allowing any positive advancements. An excessive amount of clutter impedes clarity of thought. In addition, it can weigh you down emotionally.

Feng shui does more than provide tips for arranging furniture in your home. Its goal is to help you create a happy and healthy environment. An environment where you will be able to truly rest, and ‘recharge your batteries’.

So, the best way to tackle this advice is to ensure you have the correct organizational system for everything in your life. You want to have a plan that is structured and easy to follow. It ought to include anything from paying your bills to recycling to having a designated place for your keys. Apart from keeping your new home clean, arranging your life like so will help you feel lighter, less frazzled, and super-efficient.

A tidy looking home office
Feng shui rules for arranging your new home will help you arrange your life as well.

Be mindful of the balance

The term ‘feng shui’ literally translates to ‘wind-water’. With this in mind, it is not hard to deduce how elements play a special role in this philosophy. And, as is whit any aspect of your life, calmness comes with balance. When thinking about feng shui rules for arranging your home, this translates to the five elements:

  1. earth
  2. wood
  3. fire
  4. water
  5. metal

They can be present in your home either symbolically or physically. For example, you can bring the water element with blue and greenish tones, or you can have an actual fish tank. You see, the idea here is to find a balance between all elements. According to this practice, people tend to be drawn to elements that they are lacking, or that are causing a great imbalance in their lives. Following this logic, people having issues with aggression should be extra careful about having too many fire elements as part of their decor. On the other hand, individuals lacking motivation should embellish their homes with fire elements to give them a boost. Warm tones, such as red, orange and pink are a good choice, as well as actual fire objects, like a fireplace or candles.

When following feng shui rules for arranging your new home, you want to look closely at the literal and symbolic elements that are showing up in your home. They can be a cause of imbalance in your emotional life. When the idea is to strike a nice balance between all five, you must be mindful of your environment.

Let there be light

Understanding the importance that natural light has for anyone’s happiness and positivity does not require much effort. Allowing as much natural light to get in will show positive effects on your mood in record time. Another great way to boost the benefits of this is to add mirrors to your place. To quote one of the feng shui experts ”Mirrors in feng shui are like aspirin’. They are a quick and easy adjustment when you want to bring in more light and expand a space. The only thing you must be mindful of is the mirror’s positioning. Instead of it reflecting a stack of bills, go for a serene view or an expansive part of the room.
A living room filled with natural light
Natural light will make you, as well as your whole place light up.
As you can see, there are feng shui rules for arranging your new home that requires minimal effort but provides a lot of benefits. Following them will help you manage your space and life better, whilst keeping you calm and serene.
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