How to get ready for your McKinney TX move in a month

In order to get ready for your McKinney TX move in a month, there are quite a few things you need to take care of. While hiring movers McKinney TX is the most obvious first step you should take, others might not be so simple to list and organize. Still, you needn’t worry. The following few lines will guide you through the whole process with greate ease.

Get ready for your McKinney TX move in a month

At the starting of the month, you should take care of a few key things whose success can be hindered by postponing:

  1. Provide your landlord with a 30-day written notice.
  2. As mentioned, hire professional movers Frisco TX. The reason why it is paramount that you do this as soon as possible is that all reliable and reputable moving companies get booked fast.
  3. Declutter your home. Purge your belongings, and decide what stays and what goes. Either toss or donate belongings that you have no use of anymore.
  4. Start collecting packing materials. Doing this now will save you money on buying them later.
A man carrying boxes
This is a great way to get ready for your McKinney TX move in a month and reduce your relocation costs.

Week two should consist of:

  • the initiation of packing. While getting all of your belongings in boxes right away is not the thing we recommend, this is still a good time to start. In order to avoid living in a warehouse for the next three weeks, start by packing the items you seldom use. Keep those boxes in one room where they do not hinder movement.
  • clearing out of the freezer. If you go grocery shopping, stick to buying things you will use in a day or two. Now is the time to practice cooking with what you have, and make some crazy combinations.
  • contacting your financial institutions, credit card providers and insurance in order to change your address.

As week three rolls in, make sure to start:

Canceling or forwarding utilities. In addition, you should remember to collect any refunds from prorated service and deposits. And, speaking of canceling, think if this is what you will do with your subscriptions. If you want to receive your newspapers, magazines, and Netflix at your new address, make sure to handle the transfer.

If you have plants to move, make sure to stop watering them now. You want to avoid them being heavy and dripping on moving day, as it can create quite a mess. As for the other things, continue packing. Now is the time for certain kitchen utensils, blankets, clothes, and so on.

During the final week:

  1. you want to pack an essentials box. Here you will have all the items that will make your first few days in the new home livable. Things like bedsheets, a few plates and cups, some silverware, basic toiletries for a shower, and your phone charger.
  2. have your home cleaned by professionals, or try to find some time to do it yourself.
  3. have a written copy of your forwarding address ready for your landlord, so that he can return your deposit.
  4. do a final walk-through with your landlord. Once everything is inspected, return the keys.
Keys in a key hole
Give your previous home a proper goodbye before finally closing the doors.

As you can see, in order to get ready for your McKinney TX move in a month, all it takes is a bit of time, organization and diligence.