Guide for shipping furniture cross-country

Moving preparations are not that simple! There are a lot of things that could go easily wrong. Which is why it is a good idea to head up and learn everything there is to know about shipping furniture cross-country. While you are reading our article, you will find out about proper furniture packing and shipping preparations. So, when you decide to ship them, you will know your items are safe and properly packed for moving!

Shipping furniture cross-country requires a good shipping company

This is a step you need to start far in advance. In order to commit such a task, you must spend some time searching for the reliable cross-country shipping company. Which is why it is important to know all the factors that make one company great. Below are some of those factors we will talk about later in the text:

  • Companies experience with cross-country shipping. This is the first thing you need to know about before you start shipping furniture cross country. You need to know what kind of experience the company has before you let them handle your furniture.
  • Customer service. A good proportion of the factors that say a lot about the company is how they treat their customers. Quality customer service will answer all the questions you have and guide you through the process.
  • Web presentation can say a lot about how much money a company invests in their marketing and therefore in their brand or name.
  • You need to know what kind of technology or equipment the company uses. You really do not want to let them handle your furniture with outdated tech,
  • Customers feedbacks! This is really important to check out. Mostly because they will leave positive feedback if they are happy with them. Also, you will learn about any possible issues they encountered with the said company.

Once you utilize all these aspects, you will be able to find a reliable movers TX that will ship your items without any problems at all!

A truck used for shipping furniture cross-country
A good company uses the latest equipment for shipping furniture cross-country

Compare prices

Once you picked up a few companies, it is time to compare them. Simples way is to compare what kind of services they provide. Put them on a piece of paper and count the pros and cons of hiring them. After all, you are shipping furniture cross-country, and you do not want anything bad to happen to it. Once you put that list together, the main factor that will influence your final choice is the price they are charging. But remember, the cheapest company is not always the best choice. There might be some hidden costs you didn’t find out about. You have to be absolutely sure about this before you get this done. There are other ways to save money on relocation as well. You can declutter your home and even sell items you do not use anymore. Find out why is it a good idea to declutter your home before you move!

Two different sized boxes on a scale
Compare prices to find what companies suits your budget best!

Gather packing and wrapping material

Any long distance shipping requires careful wrapping and packing. Which means you will have to get those packing supplies ready before you get to shipping. Furniture is expensive and very fragile. Especially the wooden parts that can easily get damaged. You should use specially designed crates that people use when they ship expensive furniture cross-country. Now, these crates are great because you can easily stockpile them on tops of each other. Furthermore, to properly protect your furniture, fill them with packing beans if you have one. There are also guides on packing household items you can read about!

a card boxes stockpiled
Make sure you gather all the supplies you need

There are also other ways to properly wrap their furniture. You can use any household item you have at the moment. They are all great as wrapping materials. Old blankets, t-shirts, towels etc are great if you wish to properly protect your furniture from scratches and damages. Now, wrap them around the furniture and tie them down with a rope. The rope will fix the wrapping material tightly around the furniture, so you can rest assured it won’t get any damage during the long-distance shipping

Dismantle furniture before shipping

Shipping furniture cross-country can easily damage your belongings if you do not pack them properly. You need to figure out what furniture can or cannot be dismantled. You can easily put them back together after the move is done, but until then, dismantle them. The wrapping part of the packing task will be easier if you have more small parts than one big item. Whatever part you get, use newspapers of towels to wrap around them and then just pack them in smaller crates or moving boxes. This is an easier method because you won’t have to bother with huge furniture that requires a lot of wrapping skills. This isn’t only the case with furniture. You can apply this logic to kitchen appliances as well. Find out more how to properly pack appliances for the move before the movers arrive!

bunch of tools
Use your tools to dismantle any furniture you can

Get proper floor padding

Never leave your furniture on the naked floor of the moving truck/train. You need to have some sort of padding that you can use to put your furniture on. This is the only choice you can make if you wish to avoid any possible issues during the relocation. Sometimes, accidents do happen, and something breaks or spills over the floor. Your furniture will get damaged if they get in contact with that. Therefore, it is a good idea to put something beneath when you are shipping furniture cross-country. What comes in mind are wooden pallets you can use. Most of the time you can get them from the company that is shipping your items, or at the local home depot. Remember, there must be something that will keep your furniture away from the floor during the shipping process.

Shipping furniture cross-country is never an easy task! Because so many things can go wrong, it is important to get ready for anything and just make sure you do it properly. All the wrapping, packing and shipping can be stressful if you do not know anything about it. We hope this article provided you with some basic knowledge on what to do so you will be prepared! If you have anything to add up, feel free to do it in the comment section!