Hosting a move-in party: Tips & tricks

Congratulations on your finished relocation! Whether or not you moved for a new job opportunity, extend your education or some other reason, you need your well-deserved rest! And right after that rest, you could use some sort of a party! This is a perfect opportunity to announce yourself to your neighbors and to meet and greet them as well! But, you are probably wondering is hosting a move-in party hard? Well, do not worry about it! We wrote an article especially for those occasions so you can have a good idea on what to do to host the move-in party and enjoy it to the fullest!

Wait a bit before hosting a move-in party

The relocation process is very stressful! Not to mention all the paperwork you need to finish right after you move in. There are steps you need to take to ensure your that your relocation is finished properly. Especially if some of the items are going to arrive after you. You should first address the issues with unpacking and utility companies. The very first step you need to make before hosting a move-in party is to make yourself feel at home. Your new home is a new place and you need to adjust to it before you invite guests. Getting acquainted with the place is completely normal and you should take time doing it. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know your neighborhood well. This will come in handy if you need to get some quick refills for your party, so you won’t have to stroll the streets aimlessly looking for a store. After you are done with unpacking and settling in, take your time to enjoy your new place.

A girl resting before hosting a move-in party
You need to rest after the move before hosting a move-in party

The need to rest is especially important if you just finished a long distance relocation. There is just too much stress from the travel which makes it almost impossible to organize a move-in party in such short notice. Luckily, if you picked a professional long distance movers TX you can be sure everything will go smoothly and without any problems at all!

Pick a date

Remember, people you are going to invite are strangers to you as you are to them. They have their own schedules and lifestyles that maybe won’t allow them to attend your party. This is why it is important to pick a date that mostly suits people in your neighborhood. The best date you can pick is either Friday afternoon or during the weekend. These days are when people are mostly off their work and are planning on how to spend their weekends. Make sure you pick a date well in advance and not too close. You will leave people with enough time to organize their weekends so they might attend your party. Remember, one of the keys to successful hosting a move-in party is to be patient and plan everything a few weeks ahead.

During this period, you can take time and unpack with ease. Heck, you will also have time to figure out if you need a storage unit as well! If by any chance you do need storage, learn about the benefits of renting a storage unit!

A date on a calendar
Pick a date that can suit everyone

Send invites

Now that you picked the right date for your move-in party it is time to send and deliver the invites. Those invites should be simple! Write down your name, address, time of the event, and briefly explain what you are hosting. This will leave people with an idea of what to expect when they arrive. Also, if you do not know the email addresses or physical addresses, you can always visit them and invite them in. This is a sure way to meet new neighbors the right way without any issues. It is important to leave them with enough time to plan their arrival if they can at all. If you send your invites a few days in advance, then do not expect that much guests. People live busy lives, and they will probably write it off as something they can’t attend. Instead, invite them at least one week in advance. This way they will probably have enough time to plan and organize themselves and visit your move-in party!

A man holding a paper that says join us
Send invitations in time

Nothing says professionalism and organization like a perfectly planned move – in party. Especially if you are still unpacking and settling in your new home. But luckily, everything should go easy if you know how to pack your household with ease!

Start gathering party supplies

Once you are finished with the invites it is time to think about what kind of a party it would be. Yes, we know you are hosting a move-in party, but think about the party theme. If you think it would be a good idea to have a themed party at all, then go for it! Most of the time people find it interesting to attend themed parties, but some people don’t. You should leave that thing optional!  During this period, you need to collect several party items. Starting with plastic cups, plates and cutleries that are for short use. And, you can also use this period to gather food and drinks. Remember, you can get drinks in advance since they won’t expire any time soon, unlike some food. Buy food and other snacks a day or two before the party. This will ensure that they are fresh and not spoiled or rotten in any way!

bunch of snacks
Buy food on the day of the party, or the day before

What is the perfect time for a party?

This is a tricky question because you do not have a “targeted audience” for your party. You are hosting a move-in party, thus inventing your closes neighbors. So, do not tell them to come at 8 pm because you may end up with people and children at the same place at the same time. Leave the invite open for people to come from let’s say 3-4 pm till 8-9pm. This way, those who have children will come and leave early because of them, and others, with more free time, will come later. Adults are adults, and children are children, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to mix them doing adult things. When you disclose the perfect party date, focus on the party theme.

Hosting a move-in party is not as hard as it may seem! You just need to time everything right and prepare in advance. Hopefully, reading our article gave you an idea on what is the best way to host such a party! You can always comment on our blog, and tell us what kind of trick you used when you planned your move-in party!

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