How to disinfect a new kitchen

For most of us, our homes are almost like a safety net. It’s where we’re able to wind down, relax and forget about issues in the outside world. Nowadays, however, it’s becoming harder to completely isolate ourselves from the world as the coronavirus is forcing us to constantly think about hygiene and safety. If you’ve just moved into your new home, you probably want to thoroughly clean it before you settle in. If that’s the case, you’re probably waiting for your movers Fort Worth to leave so that you can grab your rubber gloves and start cleaning. Disinfecting your new home is very important, especially at the current moment, but it might be a bit overwhelming. So, to help you get a good start on sanitizing your home, we’ll tell you how to disinfect a new kitchen and make sure it’s spotless.

Hire professional cleaners to disinfect a new kitchen

Now, even though you need to get your new kitchen clean and disinfected, it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. You have the option of hiring professionals to thoroughly clean your new kitchen and make it ready for use. Many moving companies Carrollton TX offer cleaning services that can make your life a bit easier. Of course, all the companies have their COVID-19 statements and their ways of conducting business in this situation.

A woman disinfecting a new kitchen
If you want some help with sanitizing a new kitchen, you can always hire the pros.

So, you can be sure that they know how to properly disinfect a new kitchen while following the necessary precaution steps. The cleaners will come fully-equipped with the necessary cleaning supplies, clean your kitchen and leave you with one less task. This is a good way to save some time and energy. However, it’s understandable if you don’t want to invite strangers into your new home.

Disinfecting your new kitchen alone – how to do it

Of course, at the moment it’s not ideal to have too many people visiting your home. Even if you’re working with the best movers Dallas to help you relocate, you might prefer to avoid having more people in your house tackling the cleaning. So, in case you’re not in love with the idea of getting professional assistance when cleaning, we’ll help you do it yourself. Namely, there are a few things to keep in mind when sanitizing a new kitchen, and we’ll tell you how to do it. So, let’s dig in.

Get the appropriate cleaning supplies

Before you can get into cleaning your new kitchen and making it fully-functional, you’ll have to get some cleaning supplies. Chances are, you already have some of the needed supplies. If not, here’s what you need to successfully clean your kitchen.

A person holding a sponge with gloves on
Gloves and sponges are good examples of the cleaning supplies you should get to deep clean the kitchen.
  • Rubber gloves: Using gloves is a good way to keep your hands clean, dry, and soft while cleaning. Also, it’s a good way to avoid getting in contact with the virus.
  • Water: Water is great for cleaning purposes, especially when used hot. But for maximum effect, you should mix it with some detergent, alcohol, or soap.
  • Soap and detergent: To get rid of dirt, bacteria, and viruses, you want to use things like soap, detergent and alcohol to properly sanitize your new kitchen. Mix these chemical agents with water and use that liquid for cleaning the kitchen.
  • Sponges and cloths: You’ll need to use something for scrubbing, wiping, and polishing your kitchen. Keep it simple – you can go for sponges and cloths that you already own. Using microfiber cloths is also a great idea!

Clean the inside and the outside of your cabinets

Before you start filling up your cabinets with dishes, cans, etc, you should take the time to give the cabinets a deep clean. Don’t just clean the outer sides of the cabinets, though. Instead, you should pay attention to the insides of the cabinets and disinfect everything. After all, you don’t want to place your dishes into dirty, dusty cabinets. So, the first step of disinfecting a new kitchen is tackling the cabinets.

Focus on the high-traffic areas when sanitizing your new kitchen

When you’re trying to properly clean the new kitchen, there are certain areas you should pay extra attention to. Namely, there are certain objects that you touch most frequently. For example, focus on wiping down the cabinet handles, doorknobs, the faucet, etc. It would be ideal to wipe these areas multiple times a day, just to be extra careful.

Scrub the surfaces

Other than thoroughly scrubbing and disinfecting the cabinets in your kitchen, you should move on to cleaning the surfaces. It’s time to tackle the countertops, the sink and the stove. We suggest using a sponge or a microfiber cloth to scrub these areas. Use a cleaning solution of your choice – perhaps detergent or alcohol with water. For cleaning the sink, you can use a mixture of lime and baking soda.

Water running from a faucet
To properly disinfect a new kitchen, remember to do thoroughly clean the sink and the faucet.

Also, don’t forget to do a deep clean of your oven when you’re cleaning your new kitchen. You want the areas that you use for preparing your food to be clean to perfection. So, do your best to make these parts of the kitchen spotless and properly sanitized. Afterward, you can make your favorite meal in your new, clean kitchen and finally relax.

Clean the fridge before filling it up

Another thing you can’t forget to properly disinfect when cleaning your new home is the fridge. You want to be sure you’re placing your food in a clean, fully-sanitized and bacteria-free fridge. So, take your time and clean all the shelves, boxes and drawers in the fridge. Use a cloth of your choice and a cleaning solution to make sure your fridge is ready for use. Again, you can use baking soda and lime to clean the fridge. Make sure to also clean the outside of the fridge, especially focusing on the handle as it’s another high-traffic area. Once the fridge is clean, you can go grocery shopping and fill it up.

Clean the kitchen floor

Finally, you can’t forget about the kitchen floor. You can vacuum it first to get rid of dust and any other dirt that’s there as a result of moving. After vacuuming, you can take a mop and give the kitchen floor a good clean. Once that’s done, you can finally relax! You managed to disinfect a new kitchen and it’s time to finally settle into your new home.