How to get ready for your move in a day

Aren’t you in a hurry? Asking the question of how you should get ready for your move in a day suggests that you might not be the most organized person on the planet. And that is okay. Not all is lost, and you can still make this work. The key thing will be to know how to prioritize and to start right away. So, let us not waste any more time, and get straight to it.

How to get ready for your move in a day

Time is ticking away, and you don’t have one minute to lose. You need to be super-efficient with your time, and organize this day as if your life depended on it. This means being ready to stay up all night, if necessary. So, get some takeout, make a gallon of coffee, and let’s get started.

Ab hourglass
In order to get ready for your move in a day, you will have to be super productive and organized with your time.

Find a moving company

Speaking of organization and priorities, the first thing you need to get off your checklist is finding a proper moving company. Depending on the timing of your move, this could be an issue. Summer months and weekends tend to be super busy when it comes to relocations. This can make it hard to find a moving company that can take up your offer. Of course, a lot of money can get you quite far, but we will assume that you are not a member of the Rockefeller family or Beyonce. Make a call to your local movers Dallas and see if they have an opening in the schedule to squeeze you in. Once you get this out of the way, everything else will be much easier.

Some of you may like extreme sports, and the adrenalin rush, making you consider handling this on your own. Don’t. A moving company is the best way of ensuring your belongings reach their destination undamaged. However, perhaps you are not in a favorable financial situation for hiring help. Keep in mind that you can find rather affordable movers Frisco TX. But still, if we assume that you cannot get a hold of a moving company, or cannot afford them, there will be a lot of work that awaits.

Acquire packing materials

Visit your local warehouses, clothing shops and grocery stores, and ask if they have any boxes to spare. Make sure that they are firm, odorless and damage-free. Get as many as you can in an as wide variety of sizes as you can. You are doing this so as to ensure you are making only one trip in search of your moving supplies. While out, make sure to get:

  • packing paper and bubble paper
  • markers
  • ducktape
A woman carrying a damaged box
Although you are in great need of boxes, if they look anything like these, do not bring them home.

Start packing

Now, this part will take the most of your time, whichever way you approach it. When you want to get ready to move in a day, you need to realize that the ship with organized packing has sailed a long time ago. However, there are still some rules you ought to follow:

  1. do not put heavy items in big boxes. Things shift and move during transport, and you risk damaging them. Big boxes should contain your pillows, blankets, clothes, sheets, and other soft and light items.
  2. do not pack delicate items with pointy and sharp pieces. You will damage the former ones, and that is not a job well done.
  3. save your packing paper and bubble wrap for the most fragile items you have. Use your socks, t-shirts, and underwear to cushion other items that can break. This will, in addition, save you a lot of space.
  4. instead of packing your bags, and suitcases in boxes, use them as storage options. Pack your belongings inside everything that resembles a container. Bins, duffle bags, and backpacks can all do a great job in containing your items. Just make sure to use plastic wrap and wrap anything that has a tendency of opening. It will not take a lot of time but is a great safety measure.
  5. a great way to save time when packing is to leave the most of it in its original place. That is to say, leave them in the drawers. Instead of unpacking them, then packing them in boxes and bags, and spending more time on yet another unpacking, simply leave them be. Use plastic wrap to wrap the drawers, so as to ensure they are not falling out during transportation.
  6. do not stress about proper labeling, but do not neglect it as well. Any kind of a mark that will help you remember what’s in the box will mean you more than you can imagine when it comes to unpacking.
Colorful bags
Any kind of container you can find will be great for packing. When you’re short on time, standards tend to drop.

Organize transportation

Assuming that the moving company is not an option you can rely on, you will have to find another cavalry to ride to your rescue. We are, of course, talking about your friends and family. After all, why have them if you cannot use them? Just kidding. Still, these are your go-to people when this goes awry, and now is as good time as any to call them for help. Because, let’s face it, in order to get ready for your move in a day, you will have to put in a lot of work.

Make sure to gather a team of people that are there to truly help. You will need to assign them with tasks that will not overlap, if not necessary. This will maximize your organization. In addition, be prepared to treat your saviors with some pizza and drinks. Good luck!