How to move a fish tank in Fort Worth

Packing is a big part of moving. It is an activity when you are placing all your items in the boxes. Even though it sounds pretty basic and easy, it can be hard. For example, you may have a lot of different things that you have to move. Some of them can be heavy, or unusual. A fish tank is one of those items and if you are not careful, you risk breaking it. You need to learn how to move a fish tank in Fort Worth before you start doing things on your own. You always have the choice to hire movers Fort Worth but that is all up to you. See how to manage moving fish tanks in the best way!

Move a fish tank in Fort Worth like a professional!

  • Drain the tank
  • Disassemble the tank
  • Pack the tank and tank equipment

Drain the tank

First, you have to drain the tank and move your fish. But, before you start draining your fish tank in a split second, you should know that this should not be done in one moment. You need to remove your fish from the tank and place them somewhere else. You can use classic plastic bags for fish that you can find online. There are various sizes that you can choose from so be sure to pick the right one.

a drain - move a fish tank in Fort Worth
Drain the water and move your fish before packing

Disassemble the tank

After you remove the fish and drain the tank, you should disassemble it. You can always try to move it all together but that is not a good idea. There is a higher risk that it will break during the transport, even if you have the best moving companies Dallas by your side. In order to prevent this, be sure to disassemble it into as many pieces as you can.

hand tools
Disassemble the tank to make it easier to pack

Pack the tank and tank equipment

When relocating a fish tank in Fort Worth, it is important that you pack it properly. When having a local move, the good thing is that proper packing will certainly be enough to preserve your tank and its parts. Long-distance moves are much different and there is a much bigger chance that something will break, even if you pack it right.

In order to pack it for the move, you should use plastic wrap. You should wrap the glass several times to protect it. Filter and other parts are much durable but they should still be protected. The best packing material to use is a plastic box or sealed pail. They should be enough to prevent any damage during the transport.


Preparing a fish tank for the move is a delicate task. It is a fragile item that you have to protect and preserve in order to use again. But, in order to move a fish tank in Fort Worth, you should use the tips located on this list. They should be enough for you to be safe. Of course, if you feel more like it, you can always ask apartment movers Fort Worth to help you out. No matter which path you choose, you should not have too many problems with moving a fish tank if you follow the list!