How to pack your office for relocation

Commercial moving is hands down the most difficult type of moving. Even more difficult than international moving. While other moves only need to get planning so that the moving day goes smoothly, commercial moving often lasts a lot longer. The reason is that not every office can be moved in a single go. Furthermore, closing the office down for the moving preparations is rarely an option as being closed for so long can ruin your business. Therefore, you need to know how to first organize your office and then deal with preparing it. Only then will you be able to pack your office for relocation properly. And here is how.

Plan everything

The first thing you need to do is to plan everything. And, when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING. Every step of your office relocation needs to be planned to the finest detail in order to avoid any mishaps or misunderstandings. Furthermore, everyone involved needs to be familiar with the relevant parts of the plan so that they are able to do their part in office relocation.

Planning office relocation
Office moving takes a lot of planning and calculations. That is why you need to have the best movers helping you out.

Working with the right movers

First and foremost, you need to work with the right moving company. Not every moving company has the equipment or the experience to handle an office relocation. You need to find movers that know what they are doing and that know how to plan your relocation so that it is as cost effective as possible. Many factors go into figuring out how much your commercial move will cost. That is why you need to find reliable commercial movers and consult them as soon as possible. Only then will you be able to start tackling the rest of the moving preparations.

How to go about planning

A good idea is to have a moving team from your office that is going to help you out. Even if you hire the best possible commercial movers, you cannot expect them to deal with everything. You need to pick a couple of people from your office that are going to help you with moving preparations. And that includes helping you pack your office for relocation. Make sure that everyone in the team is up to plan and try to have a team meeting at least once every two days. That way everyone will be up to speed and you’ll be able to deal with your relocation effectively. Try to figure out how you are going to go about packing everything so that the relocation doesn’t hurt your business.

Pick the right people to help you pack your office for relocation
Only if you have the right people helping you pack your office for relocation can you expect there everything will go according to plan.

Get packing supplies

Once you have figure out how you are going to pack your office for relocation, you will need to get packing supplies. Yes, you can visit your local warehouses and stores and try to find free moving boxes. But, this is not a good idea for office relocation. You need to be sure that the boxes you use will be sturdy and reliable. There is no room for moving mistakes, and the better packing supplies you get, the safer your relocation is going to be. You can even consider getting plastic bins as they are much more reliable than cardboard. Then, you need to get enough markers for your containers and any necessary duck tape. The last thing you need is running out of them during packing.

Using storage

More often then not, office relocation requires storage. Your movers should be the ones who inform you of this, and if they are really equipped, provide you with storage service. Carefully consider how you will pack your items for storage so that you can better organize it. If you plan on reusing the same packing containers for different items, you best go with plastic. Cardboard is usually only good for one use. After that, it tends to quickly deteriorate in sturdiness. And using old cardboard boxes usually leads to moving mishaps and accidents. Get yourself reliable packing supplies so that you can safely use your storage units.

Pack your office for relocation

Now that you have figure out how to pack, organized with your movers and gotten all the necessary packing supplies, it is time to pack your office for relocation. Your moving team will need to give you a hand in this in order to be efficient. That is why you should only consider people that are physically capable of helping you. Unfortunately, the sheer determination will not be enough once you need to transport heavy office items. Carefully consider who you choose to be on your moving committee.

People helping with moving
Carefully consider who will help you prepare for office moving.

Proper sorting

Start off by soring your office items. You need to figure out in which order you are going to transport your items so that your business doesn’t suffer. Also, you need to consider for which items you are going to need to get moving trucks and which you will be able to relocate on your own. This will help you better organize your storage unit and execute your relocation more efficiently.


Once you pack your items you will need to label every container. You can never be completely sure who is going to handle those containers and when they are going to do so. That is why labeling is vital. Plastic bins are, again, the better choice here as you can get markers that can be wiped off once you have to change the label. Just make sure to get proper markers so that the writing is clear and visible. Rember to label if the content of the bin is fragile and/or heavy. This will help avoid moving accidents and keep both your employees and your movers safe.

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