How to plan and organize a yard sale in Euless?

One of the most positive sides of moving is that you can finally get rid of all those unnecessary items you had lying around. All your stuff will already be out of closets, drawers, and counters. All you need to do before booking Small World Moving TX is to decide what to do with them. Of course, you could just throw everything you don’t need away. It’s certainly the fastest option but it would be better to donate – you will declutter your home before moving and help someone in need. However, as moving is costly, it might be best to try and make some money off of all that useless stuff. And the best way to do just that is to plan and organize a yard sale in Euless.

Let’s get planning!

Planning a simple yard sale will take some of your time. So it’s best to start as soon as possible. The best moment to start planning and organizing a yard sale in Euless is when you’re packing. While you are separating items you’re taking with you, pick and designate the place for the “Sale” pile. Everything you deem in good enough condition should be put on this heap. And if you take a few extra minutes and sort the items right away, you can save extra time during the sale setup.

Clothes, watch and brown shoes
Make a “For Sale” pile while packing

Take inventory

While you’re taking inventory of all the items your movers Euless TX will load and bring to your new home, take a separate sheet of paper and make an inventory of “sale” pile as well. It’s yet another way to shave some time off of setup!

Get permit

An important thing to note is the town of Euless requires you to get a permit for yard and garage sales. There’s usually a waiting period so submit a request a few weeks earlier, just to be on the safe side.

Pick time and date

The best days for a yard sale are last Friday or Saturday before the move. With that in mind, try to avoid holidays and be sure to get an early morning start, so you could be done by the time for lunch.

Set your prices realistically

If you don’t sell it – you will throw it or give it away. Yes, the items you’re selling might be worth more, but the goal remains the same: Get rid of them. So set the prices accordingly and you will watch the clutter go and money flow!

Don’t forget to advertise

As our movers Frisco TX are proving time and again, good advertising is half the sale. Print out posters or flyers and distribute them throughout the neighborhood. Make them colorful so they grab attention right away!

Woman speaking over megaphone - How to plan and organize a yard sale in Euless
Good advertising is half the sale!

It’s time for the sale!

Before you set up, make sure everything not for sale is out of sight. You don’t want to answer the same question over and over. Set up tables or blankets and lay the items out so they are accessible and visible. Do your best to sort them contextually. You can always place tools next to baby clothes, but people interested in one usually won’t pay much attention to the other.

A yard sale is a great way to cut the costs of moving. The cargo is lighter – therefore you pay less. Useless items found some purpose – so you saved more!

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