How to prepare appliances for relocation

Are you preparing for relocation? Packing clothes, furniture, decorations, shoes, everything. You may handle all of these items, but what to do when you need to prepare appliances for relocation? All those kitchen appliances may be a huge problem if you do not know how to pack and move them properly. The last thing you want when moving is damaged appliances.

A girl is searching on laptop how to prepare appliances for relocation.
Researching is half of the packing and moving process.

Also, do not forget to cancel your utilities about 10 days before a moving day. Water, electricity, garbage, gas, etc. Do it on the time, and make sure you can plug and use your appliances right after moving. Some of the appliances should not be unplugged too long. Also, you do not want to be in a dark and without water in your new home, or to pay bills for two houses.

Prepare appliances for relocation with these tips

Do not hesitate to ask for packing tips. They are essential when moving. Relocating appliances is part of packing and moving whether you are moving locally or long distance. So, you will definitely need a little help and tips for preparing your appliances for a move.

A microwave, fridge, and a stove.
Each home has many appliances, so when relocating you will have a lot of work to do.


A microwave oven is not big and heavy but it should be prepared too for a move. Remove glass trays and after that wrap them to secure it. If you have an original box, that’s perfect. But, most people do not keep original boxes from appliances even if you have a box, it is probably too old and not in a good shape. When you pack your microwave, do not place cardboard in the door opening and after when you unpack it, do not block the exhaust vent after installing in your new kitchen.


One of the most complicated appliances to move is the refrigerator and freezer. Not only because of their weight and size but also, they need to be defrosted before a moving day. There are some steps you need to take when relocating a fridge.

Unplug it and wash the interior and exterior of the fridge. Before you wrap and pack, make sure everything is dry and clean. Shelves od the freezer pack separately, do not leave them in the fridge. If your fridge has a water dispenser and/or icemaker, turn it off and make sure they are dry too. Compressors or motors of older fridges and freezers need to be bolted down.


Each person has some kind of a stove. Gas stove, electric stove, etc. and they need to be relocated together with rest of appliances. No matter what type of stove you have, first you need to clean it thoroughly. Remove removable parts and pack them separately. When you need to prepare appliances for relocation, remove all you can remove. It is a rule for every appliance. If you have a gas stove, it must be disconnected by a professional service technician. On the other hand, electric stoves can be disconnected without professionals.

Washing and drying machine

You should know they are very heavy, so if you need to move them, you will definitely need helpers to lift them. But, before you come to that step, you should clean and dry both of the machines. Then disconnect and drain the hoses. You can put them in the machine while transportation and connect them after moving. For securing the tub you really should read the instructions from manufacturers guidelines. Having moving insurance is highly recommended when moving because of the safety of your items.

A washing and drying machine.
Washing and drying machines are heavy and large, and you need to prepare them too.


It is similar to preparing a washing and drying machine. Clean, dry, disconnect and drain hoses. Do not use our dishwasher a couple of days before moving and leave the doors open and it will dry it well. Put hoses in towels and leave them inside of a dishwasher during the transportation process.

Small kitchen appliances

Moving small kitchen appliances such as toaster, blender, mixer, etc, are not hard and complicated to move. If they can be separated into smaller pieces then separate, wrap, and put them in a moving box. It is ideal if you have original boxes, but ordinary cardboard boxes will work just fine too.

If it all seems so hard and complicated, you can always hire professional packing services and enjoy. If you cannot pack your household items, a full-service moving company can.

How to relocate your appliances?

Preparing your appliances for relocation is possible to do by yourself. But, when it is time to transport them to your new home it is a little bit harder. In this case, you have two options.

  • The first option is to ask your friends for help. They need to be strong and to know how to prepare appliances for relocation. Or you can explain to them how to carry and lift heavy appliances. You will need at least 2 strong friends to load and unload them from a moving vehicle. But, there is a little problem, if you are moving long-distance, they cannot help you with unloading.
  • To solve a problem with a long distance move and unloading appliances from a vehicle, hire professional movers TX. Also, they can pack all your items for you. Not only your appliances but also, everything else you want to move to your new home.

So, now when you know to prepare appliances for relocation you may start with preparation without worries. Whether you choose to prepare and move them by yourself or to hire a moving company, tips are essential. Some of the appliances need more than one day to prepare them, so be organized and plan ahead.