How to prepare for an international move

Have you always dreamed of living in a foreign country? Those dreams probably came true since you clicked on this article. However, moving to a foreign country is a huge step and for this reason, you should be prepared. There are many things you should take care of before you fly to your new home. If you are not sure what to do, do not worry. We prepared a guide on how to prepare for an international move just for you.

Research is everything

Before you decide on your future destination, you should try to do as much research as possible about that country. This means any relevant information is more than welcome. You should learn about their laws and relegation, their style of life and anything that might affect you directly. Additionally, look for your new residence and a potential hotel room. You might have to spend a couple of days in the hotel until you can move to your apartment. It is best to be prepared especially if you are moving to an unknown place. For this reason, when you start to prepare for an international move, first collect all the information you deem important.

Start from paperwork

Once you decide to move to a foreign country, you will need to collect all your papers. First, start with a doctor. Ask him or her to give you your medical records and to do any needed immunizations. Next, schedule the dentist’s appointment and see any other specialist if you have some condition. Furthermore, take one folder and keep all your documents there. This way, you will have everything in one place, which decreases the possibility of losing some papers. Other papers you need to have ready are your children’s transfer certificates from school and your pet’s medical records. Depending on a country, some require that official paperwork is certified in order to be accepted.

Pack clothes you will use

Other important documents

Here is a list for the easier navigation.

  • Check if your passport is valid, if not make sure you have one ready before the departure
  • See if your driving license is valid in a foreign country, if not see what option you have to get one. In some cases, you can receive one even before your trip.
  • Take care of visas if required
  • Notify your lawyer to draw up the document where you authorize another person to take care of your affairs while you are gone

Moving company

Since you are moving to another country, you will need some help with the relocation. When you start to prepare for an international move, it would be wise to look for a moving company. It is hard to relocate everything on your own. For this reason, if you choose a good moving company, you can be sure that your items will reach the destination in the perfect shape. Small World Moving is one of those company that will offer the best service. Additionally, it would be for the best for you to hire a moving company as soon as possible. This way, you and the moving company will have time to prepare for an international move.

Packing your items

Packing for a long distance move can be tricky. You might wonder what to bring with you and what should stay. For this reason, you should start to prepare for an international move on time. First, you should see what the weather is like in the country of your choice. If that country has mostly tropical and warm temperature, then pack only your summer clothes. However, if the country of your choice has a different climate then your current one, then do some shopping for appropriate clothes. This way, you will not end up freezing once you reach your new destination, but comfortably enjoy your arrival. The rest of your belongings you should either sell or put it in the storage unit. Make sure to organize your storage unit well.

Pack clothes you will use

Moving boxes

If you decide to move most of your belongings, you will need a lot of boxes. Invest in some quality boxes since they will act as protection from the accidental damaging. Once you pack your items in the boxes, make sure to seal them properly. Additionally, you should label the boxes. This will help you tremendously once you start to unpack. If you are able to read what is inside each box, it will be easier to navigate through them. Furthermore, you can even write the name of a room where you will place those items. No one wants to spend days stuck inside the house unpacking everything, especially if you moved to a foreign country. Additionally, packing can be a reason to declutter your household and sell everything you do not need.

Put your house up for sale

Other important tips

Once you start to prepare for an international move, it might seem like a never-ending process. However, if you start on time, you will have less or no problems later. Here are other important businesses you should take care of.

  • Contact your bank to notify them of your move. You can set up direct debits to bill payments such as mortgage, pension schemes, saving and so on. Check with the bank if they offer global banking, if not see what other options you have.
  • Set up internet banking if you do not already have one. If your bank does not offer this option, consider changing the bank.
  • If you are taking some medicine, see if the foreign country has it or if it does have, check the local name for your medicine.
  • Cancel magazine and newspaper subscription
  • Put your house up for sale
  • If you plan to rent your house, make sure it is in perfect condition
  • Discontinue your electricity, gas supply, internet, cable, and water; if you are renting out, change the name on the bills.

Overall, follow our guide and good luck!