How to prepare your pets for transportation

Moving is never an easy task! With all the items you have to pack and load to the truck, there are a lot of things that could go wrong! Especially if you are moving with your pets! That is why we thought about it and wrote a guide on how to prepare your pets for transportation! Follow these steps to make your relocation easier to you and your precious pet! Read on to learn more!

Start the process ahead of time

As with everything, even pet relocation needs time. There are a few key things you must do to help your pet fight the relocation anxiety. And that is some frequent visits to your new home. That will help them get familiar with the surroundings, and at the same time, help them get adjusted to it! Also, bring them to the local pet-friendly places so they can meet with other pets. Who knows, maybe you will meet someone who recently moved in as a pet! They could share with you their experience!

Kitten playing with a flower
It’s not easy to figure out how to prepare your pets for transportation if you are rushing

You can do this all the while preparing yourself for relocation! IT is imperative to do it slowly and not startle your pet with it. Also, use this time to purge your home out of the items you do not use anymore! It will only cost you extra to transport them! And it will leave you with enough room for your pet in your car! Learn more about the benefits of decluttering before relocation, and use it as an advantage!

It takes time to prepare your pets for transportation

What you may not know is that your furry friends know more about you than you can imagine. They can quickly notice or sense if you are stressed out and having some troubles. For example, if you get some issues when packing and start throwing a tantrum, they can get easily scared. So, you need to approach the moving process calmly and without showing any stress. Make sure to take your time and prepare like it was an everyday task.

A couple drinking coffee with their pet after learning how to prepare your pets for transportation
Give your pets time to adapt gradually

That is not only an issue with animals but with humans as well. Nobody wants and enjoys a company of someone full of negativity! Not only can this influence the behavior of your pets, but even worse, it can leave a mark on your kids as well. Preparing kids for relocation is also a hard job. Learn more about moving with children – how to steps, and you will surely relocate without any stress!

If you pack all of your belongings at once, your pets will get anxious. They will think you are leaving them. It is vital to start the packing process early and pack gradually. Maybe the best tip is to take breaks between the packing days to allow your pets to adapt to the current situation!

Make sure to visit a veterinarian before you move

The next step you need to make to prepare your pets for transportation is to schedule a veterinarian check. Travelling is very stressful for humans, let alone pets. You need to make sure that the rabies vaccines won’t expire during your relocation. Also, you need to check if you are moving abroad, what are the laws for animal transport. They might require you to vaccinate your pets a certain period before you relocate to their country. Also, make sure you microchipped your pets while in the vet’s office. It will store any data regarding vaccination or any other issues. Don’t forget to register your pet’s microchip!

A veterinarian holding a cat
Don’t forget to schedule a checkup with your veterinarian before you move

That is especially important if you are moving to big cities such as Dallas! Because your pet can get lost and you need a way to find it! It is just one of the things you need to do before relocating to Dallas!

How will you transport your pets

After you are done with the necessary paperwork, you need to figure out how to transport your pet to your new home. If you are transporting them in your car, then try to acclimate them to the surroundings. Let them explore the car for a while, with all the luggage in it. Also, try to have a temperature that your pets can get used to. Any extreme differences can have a serious impact on their health. But, choosing an airline is one thing. Figuring out their policies is a whole other thing.  First, you need to notify them that you will transport your pet. If you are not accompanying them, then inform the cargo department for additional details. Make sure you know everything about pet transportation and airline pet policies before you head out your new home!

Airplanes on runway
Every airline has its pet transport policy

Pack the things your pet need during the relocation

While transporting pets, there are a lot of issues that can go wrong. That is why you need to pack the essentials for pet transportation. First things first, always put the essential medicine in case something goes wrong. This way, you will have instant access to that medicine you need in a hurry! Secondly, pack your pets favorite toys, and let them play with them! That will ease up the anxiety within them and help them adjust to the changing environment. That is very important because sometimes pets can react negatively towards any changes. As we mentioned before, it is important to do it gradually and without any rush!


Prepare your pets for transportation the easiest way you can! By reading this article you already have an idea on how to do it correctly and without any stress to yourself or your beloved pet! If you are already experienced mover with a pet, share with us your experience in the comment section down below! 

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