How to protect floors while moving

When you’re moving, the commotion inside your home is inevitable. You’ll carry boxes in and out, and move furniture all around. It’s the same whether you’re moving into your new home or out of the old one. You might not pay much attention to it at first. But once your home is empty, you will come to realize how much your floor suffered. You will notice scratch marks and indentations where there were none. And you will wonder what could you have done to protect floors while moving? A preferable solution is to hire the best movers Dallas has to offer. Because trained professionals with the right equipment can make sure your floors remain the same before and after the move. And if you’re intent on a DIY move, this guide can help you avoid damaging your floors in the process.

Take some time to protect floors while moving to make sure they look great after the chaos is over.
Your floors can remain whole after the move. It just takes a bit of effort to protect them.

Covering them is one of the best ways to protect floors while moving

The first, and best, option for hardwood, laminate or tiled floor, is to use floor runners. They are made of polyethylene – material that’s highly durable and can withstand punishment. It is also coated with easily removable adhesive on one side that won’t damage your floors.

Another viable option is to use a drop cloth. It is a bit cheaper and serves the same purpose. Although, not as well as floor runners.

Lastly, the cheapest option is to use common cardboard to protect floors while moving. However, our apartment movers Fort Worth do not recommend this. Cardboard is easy to bend and can be a potential health hazard. Even if you fix it in place, it can still easily tear and cause you to trip over it.

Pro tip: If you still decide to use cardboard as protection, be mindful never to use duct tape or packing tape to fix it in place. Both of these can damage your floors when removed. Instead, opt for artists or masking tape. It’s easier to remove and doesn’t contain heavy-duty adhesives.

Carry – do not drag

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make when moving bulky furniture or heavy appliances. It might seem tempting to drag your furniture, as it is certainly easier than carrying them. It is also a good way to scratch your wooden floors or break ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles will easily get damaged if you don't adequately protect floors while moving.
Ceramic tiles can easily get damaged or break during a move.

However, sometimes it is simply not possible to carry a piece of furniture in or out of your home. In these cases, it is best to enlist the help of moving companies Carrolton TX. Their experience, training, and skills will ensure the safety of your floors and your belongings. They will also bring all the right tools for the job, such as dollies and furniture sliders so you won’t have to worry about procuring them yourself.

Clean thoroughly after all the action

Heavy furniture is not the only thing that can ruin your floors. Dust and debris can also easily damage it. Usually, it is a good idea to place a heavy mat at the front door to protect your floors while moving. Especially if the weather outside is bad. And after the dust has settled, and the move is done, be sure to give your floors a good scrub. It will make sure that your floors are safe and it will give your new home that shiny, fresh look that you will certainly enjoy.