How to research moving companies in Texas

The moving process is daunting, exhausting and takes a lot of time. It also gives us headaches and tons of stress. However, if you decide to hire movers in Irving TX, your move will be smooth and fast. You can also get full-moving services from your professional mover, sit back and relax. A professional moving company will pack and relocate your belongings fast and safely. The only thing left is knowing how to research moving companies in Texas. We have prepared a small guide just for you! So, let’s see what you should do in order to find a perfect moving company for your needs!

Research moving companies in Texas – find a reliable and professional mover

So, if you are trying to research moving companies in Texas, you should continue reading this article. This is a small guide on how to find the perfect moving company for you and your upcoming relocation. You will need a reliable, professional and trustworthy moving company, such as movers Frisco TX, who will take care of your belongings, calculate costs of your relocation process and take care of your belongings. Follow these steps and you will find a perfect moving company in no time!

  • Do online research
  • Read moving company reviews carefully
  • Get an in-home estimate
  • Ask if there will be extra fees
  • Read all the documentation and contract a couple of times!
You will need a reliable, professional and trustworthy moving company!

Do online research

The Internet is our best friend when it comes to “research”. However, you can easily get overwhelmed because you will find plenty of moving companies to choose from. Each moving company should be researched thoroughly. Use Google to find all moving companies in your area and if you are preparing for a long-distance move, try to find national van lines companies. Check for the moving services that each moving company offers. The number of moving companies will shrink since not every mover offers services that you might need.

Research moving companies in Texas – Read moving company reviews carefully

Every moving company has a website and customer reviews section. But you should also be sure to look at review sites (other than moving company one). Before you make a final decision, you should check several sites and read the reviews for each moving company. Reputable review sites are Better Business Bureau, Google, MyMovingReviews.com, Angie’s List and so on. Try to find “fresh” reviews, from people who hired the moving company recently because these reviews will better reflect the moving company’s recent work.

Visit several moving company’s sites and read the customer reviews carefully!

Get an in-home estimate

A reliable and professional moving company will send a team to your home to get a detailed, in-home estimate. Don’t forget to walk your movers through all the areas of your home where there are items that need to be moved. Every in-home estimate is way more accurate than those quotes that are completed online.

However, there are plenty of moving companies that are offering an online form of moving quote. You will have to fill that form in, send pictures and/or videos of everything that you want to move and they will send you a moving quote back when they calculate the costs. But, as we already said, an in-home estimate is more accurate so you should contact your moving company and schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

Ask if there will be extra fees

If you want to get a precise and accurate cost of your move, you will have to be honest and tell your mover everything about the move in advance. And based on what you have told them, ask if there will be some extra fees. Be careful! Some moving companies won’t even mention extra fees unless you ask well in advance. In order to avoid any uncomfortable situations, you should ask for a list of special services that the moving company offers and that cost extra. Some of the services that you can be charged extra for are:

  • Transporting/carrying items up the stairsĀ 
  • Moving items down the street (in case the mover have to park far away)
  • Transferring heavy items such as large furniture, home safe or moving a piano
  • If they are using their own packing supplies and moving boxes, etc.
Moving a piano is one of the special services that reliable and professional moving companies offer. Therefore, you can expect to pay some more for special services like this one!

Research moving companies in Texas – Read all the documentation and contract a couple of times!

And in the end, you should always carefully read all the documents and contracts from your mover. The most important thing is – do not sign anything before reading it thoroughly! This applies to every contract not only the contract with the moving company. You should inspect every detail of the moving contract and paperwork before singing it because you don’t want to get into a moving contract that you can’t get out of, right?

Also, be sure that you understand all of the conditions that you are agreeing to before you sign anything. You should get all the costs of your move and other details of your moving plan in the written document so you can know what to expect from your moving company on the day of your relocation.

Remember, start preparing and research moving companies in Texas well in advance. You don’t want to speed up your moving process because that will bring a lot of stress. Do not submit to any pressure to move faster or do anything else that you are not comfortable with. You should start with preparations at least two months in advance and move at your own speed, without unnecessary stress! Have a good move!