How to store items in non climate controlled storage

Renting a storage unit to free up space in your house is always a sensible decision. Because many people decide to get extra storage, finding the perfect unit for your things isn’t too difficult. There are a lot of movers Plano TX that offer storage services for their clients. Therefore, there are many options to choose from. From picking the exact size you need to decide whether you want the storage to be climate-controlled or not, the world of storage is your oyster. However, once you choose the unit, you can’t just put your things in there and forget about them, especially if the storage isn’t climate-controlled. Instead, you need to make sure your things are protected properly so that they stay intact. That’s why we’ve prepared some tips to help you store items in non climate controlled storage. You have nothing to worry about, just read the following guidelines.

Make sure you’re getting the right storage unit

Even though you’ve decided to rent a storage unit that isn’t climate-controlled, that’s not the end of your decision making. Because there are so many options on the market, you need to make sure you’re going for the right storage unit for your belongings. After all, you want to rent a space where your things will be safe. But if you don’t know how to make the right choice, we’ll tell you how you can do so to avoid regretting your decision later.

Storage facility where you can store items in non climate controlled storage
Even if you don’t want climate-controlled storage, you should still choose the right unit.
  • Check out the storage unit in person. See for yourself if there are any issues and red flags.
  • Find reviews of the storage facility. Find out what the people are saying and if they are happy with the storage units you’re looking into.
  • Ask your friends if they can recommend a storage rental company for you.
  • Compare the prices of storage units. All moving companies Texas have slightly different prices, so see which one works best for you.
  • Estimate what size of storage unit you need. Don’t get a storage unit that’s too big or that can’t fit all your items.
  • Choose storage that has a good surveillance system. The safety of your belongings is crucial, so there should be 24/7 surveillance in place. Good storage facilities have CCTV cameras, guards and safety locks.
  • Check out the working hours of the storage facility and the accessibility. See if you’ll be able to access your items whenever you need them, if they’re open on the holidays, etc.

So, even if you’re storing items in non climate controlled storage, these steps will ensure that your things are in the best possible place.

Inspect the storage before renting it

No matter how long you’ll be storing your things, you need to make sure that the storage unit doesn’t have any issues. Well, the only way of doing that is by visiting the premises and inspecting the unit. So, before you sign the contract with any of the companies you’re considering, check out the Dallas storage units in person.

  • Make sure that the storage unit doesn’t show signs of mold because that could be detrimental to your things. But keep in mind that mold can be a risk if you want to store items in non climate controlled storage.
  • Other than moldy storage, stay away from units that are pest infected or have rodents.
  • Also, unless you want to risk your things getting damaged, check the humidity level in the unit. It shouldn’t be over 50% indoors.

Items you can’t store in non climate controlled storage

In case you’ve made the decision of storing things in non climate controlled storage, there’s something you should know. Unfortunately, this type of storage unit isn’t suitable for all of your items. There are certain items that require climate-controlled storage units. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the things that can be ruined in storage that doesn’t have climate control.

A row of guitars
Your musical instruments are a great example of things you shouldn’t store in storage that isn’t climate-controlled.
  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Documents, paperwork, photographs
  • Things made of leather, wood, metal
  • Clothing
  • Wine

Prepare the things you’re storing in non climate controlled storage

Okay, so now that you know what you can’t store in a non-climate controlled storage and you know how to get the right unit, you’re ready for the next step. It’s time to start preparing your belongings for storage. Because your things are facing a few extra risks by being stored in a unit that isn’t climate-controlled, you should do your best to properly protect them. There are a few things to do before you store items in non climate controlled storage.

Wrap your things and pack them properly

While wrapping is always a great idea before storing things, it’s especially important now. If you want your items to stay safe inside the boxes, you should go the extra mile and wrap them properly. There are a few different ways of doing so.

Woman wrapping a couch
Whether you’re storing fragile dishes or furniture, we encourage you to wrap your things.
  1. Firstly, you can use things like bubble pack, plastic covers or bags to protect your things from outside factors and damages. Wrapping your belongings in plastic is pretty effective, although it’s not the best for the environment. So, if you want to go a different route and be more eco-friendly, there’s a way.
  2. You can go for newspapers, towels, old sheets and different types of cloths. Whatever you go for, the important thing is that you wrap before you store items in non climate controlled storage.

Cover up your belongings when you’re storing items in a non climate controlled storage unit

Another step you can take to ensure maximum protection of your belongings is to cover them up. Wrapping each item before putting it in the box is a must, but covering your things up will provide extra protection. This especially goes for those of you who are storing wooden furniture and other items that don’t fit into boxes. Don’t leave your things out in the open – use a plastic cover or a sheet to prevent damages. This will help keep your things safe and secure even if you’re using non-climate controlled storage

You’re ready to start looking for storage

So, if you’ve decided to store items in non climate controlled storage, now you know all the tricks that will help you keep your things safe. You’ve learned how to choose the right storage unit and how to prepare your belongings for storage. You’re all set and ready to free up space in your home. Just choose wisely and provide protection for your precious belongings.