How to store toys long-term

Preparing for the move is an exhausting and stressful process. However, in order to go through the moving process without any problem and complications, you should prepare in advance. Sorting out your budget, organizing and making a checklist are the most important things. You should also think of hiring moving companies Irving TX in advance, which means at least a month before the move. But, if you have kids, you will also have one more thing to think of! How to store toys long-term!

Store Toys Long-Term – Tips

The moving process takes time. But, if you have just moved to your new lovely place, you are most likely excited and can’t wait to unpack and sort everything out. Thinking about unpacking and organizing the kitchen or bathroom is not so bad, but toys are a totally different story. It’s hard to organize toys because our kids are moving them around and pulling them out all the time.

The truth is, there actually are some nice ideas to store toys long-term. Your house also won’t look like it’s taken over by toys! You can also call your movers Fort Worth professionals and ask for their storage services. In order to keep your home clutter-free and neat, there are some ideas to store toys long-term!

  • Pencil Pouches
  • Shoe Organizers
  • Mason Jars
  • Wood Crates
  • Stackable Containers
  • Use Shelves!
  • Hampers for Large Toys!

Pencil Pouches

Did you know that puzzles are an excellent educational toy for your children? But, there’s nothing worse and more frustrating than pulling out a nice puzzle and then find out that half of the pieces are missing! If you want to keep every single piece of the puzzle safe, you should store it inside of the pencil pouches! First, you should stack the puzzles on the shelf neatly and then place them in the storage bin. If you decide to place those bins in one of the storage facilities, you should know how to prevent moisture in your storage unit!  Extremely high or low temperatures, moisture, and pests can cause damage or completely destroy toys and other furniture. Choose your storage facility wisely!

You should use a pencil pouch to store your puzzles safely.

Shoe Organizers

The super versatile and unexpensive idea for the toy storage – shoe organizers! They are perfect for storing Barbie dolls, Matchbox cars and action figures. If you pack those figures and dolls neatly, they will fit perfectly into shoe organizers. Toys packed into shoe organizers are easily accessible for children. When the children finish playing with those toys, simply hang it over the closet door. When you close the door, your shoe organizers will be neatly tucked away.

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are perfect for storing craft supplies. We all know how stressful is it to pack all of those pencils, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, paint brushes, and markers. But, here’s the solution! Get some Mason Jars and store all of your crafting supplies fast and easily! Don’t have Mason Jars? No problem! You can use some pasta jars instead! Here are some simple and delicious homemade pasta recipes!

Store Toys Long-Term – Wood Crates

Wood crates are a super easy and accessible way to store your children’s books! Books can be heavy if they are stacked, so your children can use the wood crate with books as a chair or a small table to play on. You can also paint the wood crate in your child’s favorite color and add some wheels and windows. On top of it, you can place a small pillow or attach some of your children’s favorite drawings.

If your children have too many toys and tons of books, you should call your professional mover and ask for their storage services Dallas. Your professional mover will suggest the perfect storage solutions for your needs.

wooden crates
A wood crate is perfect for storing books!

Stackable Containers

Stackable Containers come in almost all sizes and shapes. These containers are perfect for organizing Legos by color. Stackable containers will keep every tiny piece neat and stored away properly. You can also use larger containers for almost any other type of toys. However, if you want to be more organized, just add a label on each of those stackable containers and you won’t have problems finding toys.

Use Shelves to Store Toys Long-Term

Shelves are one of the best ways to organize your children’s toys. You can build shelves at home but also, you can add shelves in the storage unit. And now, get some canvas, wicker and colorful plastic bins. Now, fill those bins with your kid’s favorite toys if you are arranging shelves in your house, or with toys that your kids are not using anymore if you are planning to place them into a storage unit. Label each box to keep everything well organized and place those bins on the shelves! Shelves are also the perfect place for storing board games!

Use shelves for storing your children’s board games!

Hampers for Large Toys

Before taking all of those large toys to the storage facility, you should place them in the hampers or big baskets. Do you have a lot of balls, bats, ride-on toys and stuffed animals? Get a few of those colorful hampers and load them up with all those bulky toys that your kids are not using anymore. Hampers are easy to move and short enough so everyone can easily reach inside and grab what they want. However, if you need some assistance to relocate all those bulky toys to the storage unit, contact your professional mover and they will arrive as fast as they can!

These were the simplest and yet the smartest ways to store toys long-term. Storing toys has never been easier, right? Use these ideas to store items from your child’s playroom or bedroom. Your home will be organized and neat all the time!