How to store you book collection

Books are one of the most sentimental items that we keep in our homes. You can never have too many books. Each book is a trove of knowledge, laughter, inspiration or just playing fun. But having a lot of books can pose a different kind of problem. Storing them. At one point, if you have a lot of books, you will run out of space to place them on. Your shelves will be full and your closets will be the same. You will place a book wherever you have a free space. Luckily, there is an easy solution. If you ask your movers Carrollton TX about it, they will have several solutions for you. No one knows better how to store your book collection than a professional moving company.

Store Your Book Collection – Useful Tips

In order to store your books properly, you will have to gather a lot of moving boxes and packing materials. You should also search for a suitable storage space to store your book collection in. When stacked, books are very heavy, so you should be careful when you are packing books in the moving boxes. The most important thing is not to overpack. Before you start packing, you should go through all the books that you have and separate ones that you want to keep from ones that you should donate and give away. Since packing, carrying and transporting is a long and difficult process, you should hire movers Allen TX to assist you with this task. These are the steps you should follow in order to store your book collection properly:

  • Sort Your Books
  • Gather Proper Packing Materials And Moving Boxes
  • How To Pack Hardcover Books?
  • How To Pack Paperbacks?
  • Professional Mover and Storage Options

Sort Your Books

First of all, you should know that movers charge by weight! Therefore, you should go through all of your books and determine which ones do you want to keep and which ones not. Hardcover books and paperback ones can add a lot of weight which means more money to your final moving bill. So, separate “must-haves” from “donation” and contact the nearby church or school library. They will gladly accept any book donation! You can also give your old books to second-hand stores and neighborhood lending libraries.

Separate “must-have” from “done-with” titles before you start packing.

Gather Proper Packing Materials And Moving Boxes

Books are heavy if you stack them up. Therefore, you should prepare and gather proper packing materials and moving boxes. If you don’t know how to choose the right moving boxes, contact your professional mover and ask away. You will also have to gather tools and packing supplies, such as:

  • Packing Paper
  • Bubble Wrapping Materials
  • Sheets of Cardboard
  • Packing Tape, Markers, and Labels

The boxes should medium-size, cardboard or wooden ones. If you are using already used boxes, be sure that they are not wet, dirty and with damps. Use packing tape to secure and seal each box from each side (top and bottom are usually enough). And then use labels and mark each box properly. Write what each box contains and you will have no problem finding what you need when you decide to read some of your stored books again.

cardboard boxes
Use medium-size cardboard boxes for packing your book collections.

Store Your Book Collection – How To Pack Hardcover Books?

If you want to pack hardcover books edition properly, you should place the book in the box standing upright, where the spine should be against the box side. You should also be sure that books are not packed too tight. If the books are packed too tightly they will suffer damage when they are being taken out of the box later. How will you pack hardcover collections depends on their value. moderate value books should be wrapped in the packing paper before you place them in the moving box.

Great value books such as first editions and old family albums require stiff cardboard placed between each book to prevent damage and movements during the transport. Use the well-padded box to place these books in but don’t forget to wrap each book in a packing paper prior to it. However, less valuable books can be packed flat and stacked.

How To Pack Paperbacks?

One of the crucial things when it comes to storing a book collection is picking the right size of the storage unit. And not only that! Books are sensitive and valuable items that we want to protect and keep safe. Therefore, we should find climate-controlled storage space with video surveillance, good security, clean and free of pests. Paperback books are also valuable and you should be careful while packing them too. You can pack them flat and stack. But, if you want to prevent damage, pack them spine first, so the paper edges facing up. This will prevent your books from wrapping and pages from bending.

storage unit
Store your books safely! Choose a climate-controlled storage unit!

Professional Mover and Storage Options

If you have plenty of books and you are not sure if you are able to execute the task of packing and storing books by yourself, you should hire Small World Moving. A professional mover will provide all necessary moving equipment, moving boxes and packing materials. They will wrap up, protect and pack your book collection fast and efficiently. They have a license and years of experience in the moving industry, as well as well-trained workers.

A professional moving company will help you to choose a suitable storage space for your book collection too. If you are planning to store your book collection long-term, you might also get some discounts from your mover. Mover also has plenty of moving services to provide, such as a long and local moving, commercial and residential moving, packing services, storage solutions and way more.

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