Moving into a dorm – how to prepare

Is there any event clearly marking the transition from a family home to adulthood as clear as moving into a dorm? The exciting new world that awaits filled with all the joy and a bit of pain of living on your own will certainly be there. But to make the most out of this experience, you will need to prepare well. Having everything you need covered will make the few first months in a completely new world easier. That is precisely why we decided to write this article. In it, we aim to help you prepare for moving into a dorm and everything that comes with it. So, get ready and enjoy, because your life’s adventure will be starting soon.

Plan ahead

A girl thinking. When moving into a dorm, planning is everything.
Plan carefully and well ahead to make sure your move goes smoothly

One thing that all kinds of moves have in common is the importance of planning. Plan your move well and it will go down easily. Neglect this aspect of moving and you will be setting yourself up for chaos. Moving into a dorm is no different in this regard. In regular, home moves, industry professionals like movers McKinney TX might advise setting aside six to eight weeks to prepare. This, however, doesn’t completely apply to move into a dorm. With a home move, you would be packing all your belongings to move. When moving into a dorm, as we will discuss below, this won’t be the case.

That is not to say that you shouldn’t prepare on time. It is especially important to remember that the end and start of the school year are some of the busiest periods for moving companies. Therefore, not only the prices get inflated, but the increase in demand might mean that you will have a harder time finding a reliable moving company to help you move. So, to help yourself in this regard, and save yourself the moving stress, you should start looking for a moving company as early as possible.

Check the paperwork and rules when moving into the dorm

Another thing you want to do early when moving into a dorm is checking all of the rules and paperwork. Pay special attention to any rules for moving in your school might have. These differ from school to school and can have a great impact on your move. Something movers Carrolton TX might tell you is that different schools have different rules even for offloading your items in front of the dorm. Some will form a queue, some will have an area where you can park and offload. On the other hand, some won’t even allow it before you go through varying degrees of red tape. Also, check the check-in times and the location of the important points for moving into your dorm.

When moving into a dorm be careful about what you bring along

Suitcase and a backpack.
When moving into a dorm, be mindful of the fact that space there will be limited.

Dorms come in different shapes and sizes. While some are smaller than others, none of them are too spacious. That’s why you should be careful about how many items you bring with you when moving into a dorm. Generally, the school will provide your dorm room with furniture. However, you will still need to bring certain things along. These include bed linen, towels, and school supplies. Of course, these will be accompanied by your standard personal items. Things like clothes, jewelry, toiletries, and cosmetics. With all that piling up there will be less and less room.

One thing you should really pay attention to is to bring something that will remind you of home. A picture of your family or a stuffed animal. Something that will help you mentally prepare for moving out, as well as something to hold on to when times are rough. While this advice might clash with what we mentioned above, having such an item will be very important. Especially when you are under a lot of stress with exams and assignments, you will find comfort in having a piece of home with you. Finally, you should bring something for entertainment. Having a laptop is the usual norm as they will serve you in both productivity and fun. Depending on your dorm room size and with whom you share it, you might decide to bring a TV along. Do ask yourself, however, with everything available on the internet, do you need one?

How to pick out clothes for moving into a dorm

We mentioned above the importance of space when it comes to moving into a dorm. With that in mind, when you are preparing for your relocation, be mi mindful of what you will really need from your closet. Bringing too much will take up too much room. You probably won’t even be able to pack it all in your dorm room closet. Not to mention that it would drive your move prices up. Instead, bring enough for the season of your move. Chances are, you will be coming home for holidays anyway and you can make a change of clothes then. Also, make sure you pack up a nice outfit or two for any special occasions that might arise.

Check the room

Finally, one of the more important things you should do when moving into a dorm is to check the room. Most schools will provide you with a checklist of things to inspect when checking your room. These can range from damaged furniture to stains on walls and carpets. It is very important to take your time when checking your room. Once you are done, any damages, existing or otherwise will be charged to you when moving out. After all, it would be silly to pay for damage that someone caused well before you moved. This will happen, however, if you don’t pay good attention when checking the room.

A woman pointing at a checklist.
To avoid paying for other people’s damages, make sure you check the room well.

Moving into a dorm like a breeze

There you have it. Having read our guide, you should be well prepared for moving into a dorm. Like so many things move-related, it boils down to good preparation and taking your time. Once you are settled in, relax. A great, new chapter of your life is starting. Make the most of it!