Moving to Allen with a pet – is it a good idea?

Moving is sometimes a challenging and stressful process. Especially if you are moving to Allen with a pet. Just imagine how anxious it can make them. They can easily get stressed out when they’re introduced to a new environment. You have to be well-prepared and think about many things. You will find a moving companies Allen TX that the residents recommend. And they will help you with other things, so you can focus on your pet and prepare them for the trip.

Prepare your pet when moving to Allen

Preparation is the key in order to have a successful relocation for you and your pet. You have to do your research and gather as much information as you can. There are a few things you can do to prepare your pet in the best possible way for the relocation. Small World Moving TX can always help, no matter if you are relocating with or without your pet. Make sure to check them out.

Dog at a veterinarian.
Make sure to take your pet to a veterinarian before the move.

Here are some things you have to consider when preparing your pets for the relocation:

  • Take them to the vet – you have to schedule a visit to your current veterinarian. So your pet can get all of their necessary medications, vaccinations, and a copy of their medical records before you move. That way your medical care will be up to date before the next visit to the vet in your new neighborhood. See if your current veterinarian can recommend someone in the new city. It will be a bit easier that way.
  • Update your contact information before moving to Allen with a pet – Make sure to keep your contact information current if your pet has a microchip ID. Also, update the collar too before you move with the new address.
  • Prepare an overnight kit – the kit should have enough dog food, kitty litter, toys, and grooming tools to sustain your pet and keep them comfortable during the first few days of unpacking.
  • Check airline and lodging rules – Check airline websites to determine if your pet complies with airline policies. If not, you may have to travel by car. Do research on pet-friendly hotels, before you the journey.

Time for packing

When it comes to packing, you should keep your furry friends in a familiar room you plan to pack up last. You can also help them adjust to the moving process by bringing in moving boxes early. Or just bring them to your friends until you prepare and pack your and their belongings. So they can avoid the noise that will stress them out.

Cardboard boxes.
Try to acquire cardboard boxes in various sizes. So you can pack your belongings.

When it comes to the packing supplies you will need:

  • cardboard boxes in different sizes
  • bubble bags
  • packing paper and tape
  • a dolly
  • moving blankets
  • marker
  • labels

Make sure to provide enough packing supplies. If you have some big furniture, you should disassemble it carefully. It would be good to find a manual in order to disassemble it properly. Pack the pieces separately for better protection and prevention of damage. If you are not skilled enough to do it, you can always hire professionals to help you with it. Regarding your appliances, it is important to clean them and prepare them for packing. You should unplug them at least 24 hours before the move. If you don’t have the time for the whole packing you should hire a professional packing service. And they will do the job for you.

Take your pet in with you on a moving day

We all know how moving can get stressful, especially if you are relocating your pet to your new home. That is why movers Arlington TX can help you with the whole relocation. You can keep your pet at a friend’s house or a dog daycare on a moving day.

Dog on the passenger seat.
Your cats and small dogs can be put in a carrier and secured in the back seat.

Or you can take them with you in your car. Cats and small dogs can be put in a carrier in the back seat, which can then be secured with a seatbelt. If you have a bigger dog you can use a kennel in the back of your car. Some animals feel more comfortable if you throw a blanket over their carrier during the car ride, so they can’t see the environment changing outside. After you arrive in your new place, try not to let your pet out until you bring in all the stuff. Or at least wait until your reliable movers bring all the boxes to your new home. It’s important to not open the kennel until the pet is in the new home. Even if the pet is usually well-behaved, they can easily get lost.

Set up as much as you can, even just in a room, before you introduce the animal to the new home. Give your pet lots of attention. Introduce familiar objects like toys or blankets as soon as possible. Make them feel as at home as you do. You should give them a few days to adjust to the new home and neighborhood. It will also take some time for you and your family as well to adjust to the new surroundings.


No matter if you move just a couple of blocks away, it can get stressful for you and your pet as well. Animals need time to adjust to changes, just like people. So you have to give them a lot of attention to overcome the changes in their surroundings.

Moving to Allen with a pet is for sure a good idea. As soon as you settle in, you can then explore your new neighborhood. And also get to know your neighbors who might have a pet as well. After some time, you will adjust and so will your small friend. Just be patient, and your furry little buddy will be more than thankful for that.