Moving to Dallas 101

Congratulations on your decision to move to Dallas this year! We are happy to tell you that Dallas is thriving in every possible sense! Whether in the job market, education field or other public services they provide, they show a significant rise! Let us help you with your moving to Dallas by showing you this simple guide you can follow. This will make relocation easier and faster!

Moving to Dallas takes time

As with every relocation process, you need to time your moving to Dallas with precision. Since you are probably planning a long distance relocation then it is a good idea to start ahead. This will leave you with enough time to solve any possible issues that you may come across. There could be a lot of troubles up ahead in the moving process, so why not be ready for them? For instance, a month in advance you can start collecting moving and packing supplies such as:

  • Packing boxes, which are perfect for long distance relocations such as moving to Dallas.
  • Wrapping materials such as old paper, blankets, t-shirts, towels, sheets etc
  • Padding materials are sponges, pillows, packing beans, and some thicker blankets
Moving to Dallas takes a lot of time

These are just some of the supplies you need to gather before your relocation! There are also markers, duct tapes, sticky notes etc. They will help you while you pack your items for your relocation!

Deal with utilities and other paperwork

Before moving to Dallas, you need to address the issue with utilities and other paperwork you have to finish up.  You need to cancel all your utilities with the utility company you have a contract with. Make sure you did all of it, so you are not left behind with something you have to pay for. Usually, people forget these sort of things, so they end up having to pay more than they wanted to. Also, you need to go to the nearest police and post office station. There you can change or cancel your living address.  This way you will be sure no new bills will arrive at the old address. Also, you are required by the law to inform the police about the change of address! Consider doing this all before moving to Dallas!

Finish all the paperwork before you relocate

Basic facts about Dallas

Dallas is a fairly large city with a population of almost 1,200,000. The official language spoken is English with the third of the population speaking Spanish. There are also other languages including Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese, French, Korean, German, Arabic etc. The GDP per Capita goes around $62,000 USD. One of the famous facts about Dallas is that its resident, Jack Kilby, the Texas Instruments employee. The currency used in Dallas is of course USD.

Housing prices in Dallas

Worrying about what you are looking for the prices differ. One other factor that influences the price of the home or rent is the location of the new place you are going to live in. The prices go something like this:

  • One bedroom places in and outside of the city center are $800+ and $650+
  • Three bedroom places in and outside of the city center are $1,300+ and $950+
Dallas is not that expensive

When it comes to purchasing homes, consider if you can afford them before moving to Dallas. The prices go as followed, $3,000 per square meter in the city center and $1,200 outside of the city center.  If this seems too much for you, there are ways to save money in Dallas. While living here consider having a roommate. This will largely help you cut some rent expenses you might have. The other way is to choose to live outside of the city. Non-urban areas are a lot cheaper. But, there is a downfall to this! Dallas isn’t famous for its public transportation. So unless you have a car, get ready for some public transportation issues.

The job market in Dallas

According to the latest research, Dallas holds third place in the US for the highest salaries. This is one of the reasons why moving to Dallas is such a good idea. The reason behind its high salaries is that major companies made their headquarters either in or near the city. Among those major companies are AMR Corporation or simply American Airlines. They have their headquarters in Fort Worth and they employ over 25,000 people.  One other major company here is Southwest Airlines, ExxonMobil, AT&T, JCPenny, FOSSIL and Kronos. They all chose Dallas as the perfect place for their headquarters. Also, they are among the major employers in Texas. When it comes to healthcare, it is very developed in this area. Both Texas Health Resources Inc and the Baylor Healthcare System make up a huge part of the employment.

There are numerous job opportunities in Dallas

Worth mentioning is the affordability of living in Dallas. With all these factors behind, it is not a surprise why people chose to live in Dallas.  There are a lot of career opportunities, even if you do not look to open your own business.

Dallas weather

The weather here can be described as having a subtropical and humid climate. This type of weather is typical for the Southern Plains of the USA. And one of those particular areas in Dallas. July and August are not that hot  – 76 degrees, and the average highest temperature is around 96 degrees. January is usually the coldest month of the year, with the temperature as low as 37 degrees. The average high winter temperature is 56 degrees. Dallas is placed in the lower part of the Tornado Alley, so expect some storms ahead.

There is some rain in Dallas

These are just some of the facts you should know before moving to Dallas. These facts are great and will surely help you settle in perfectly. As we mentioned before, you can expect a lot of job opportunities as well as a good medical and educational system. Fill us in if we missed something! You can do it in the comment section down below!