Packing for your Carrollton TX move: tips & tricks

There is no relocation without packing. It is the quintessential part of every move. And, unless you have movers Carrollton handling your relocation in its entirety, chances are you will have to handle the packing task all on your own. However, this is not a time to be timid and discouraged. When packing for your Carrollton TX move, all you will need is some time, and tip and tricks we will now provide.

A bit of a disclaimer before we delve into the useful bits of advice. If at any point you feel like you are struggling, and the lack of necessary time is giving you much stress, do not hesitate from calling movers Allen TX to your rescue. A move does not have to be filled with hardship and tension. With a professional moving company, you can get to truly enjoy it.

A woman in blue smiling
There is no need to stress about your relocation. If you feel like you are stuck, give a professional moving company a call.

Now, for the tips and tricks, you shouldn’t start packing for your Carrollton TX move before:

Getting the necessary materials

It is quite logical when you think about it. There can be no packing unless you have the actual containers to fill with your belongings. So, now that we have that clear, you might be wondering where one can get the packing materials? To be frank, options are many. Depending on how much time you have, you can start collecting some boxes from your online purchases. However, if you are a bit shorter on time, you can pay a visit to your local warehouse, grocery, clothing and liquor stores. The latter often have quite sturdy boxes, as they are handling fragile and expensive goods.

If you cannot find quality moving boxes that are stainless and odorless, you can always turn to moving companies. They will surely have loads of packing materials, having that they use them on a daily basis. In addition, if you want to have a greener move, a moving company can help with that.

Alternative option

You needn’t be too hasty, however, with your venture for moving boxes. A neat trick is to use the containers you already have in your home. Bins, bags, suitcases, and drawers will all do just fine. Especially when it comes to packing your clothes. Some of these options will also save you some time. Take drawers for example. You don’t have to go through packing and unpacking every dresser you have. Rather wrap with plastic wrap your drawers, and transport your clothes like so. You will be killing two birds with one stone, as they say.

Packing for your Carrollton TX move with these great tips

1. Use what you already have

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can utilize the things you have at home. However, this does not apply solely to the bags and bins. You can use the clothes that you plan on packing as cushioning materials. Socks can fit in your glasses, while old shirts and certain cotton items can protect the corners of your books, plates, lamps, and anything else really. Just make sure not to use pieces that have great value. After all, they serve as protection, meaning they cannot be as protected.

A brown bag on the floor
When packing for your Carrollton TX move, feel free to utilize items that already serve as containers.

2. Start with the items you rarely use

Packing randomly can lead to unpacking before the time is right. Restrain from laying all of your plates and towels in boxes, only to look for them in two-days-time. Rather start with old blankets, clothes that are not fitting the current season, and tools you use only on certain occasions. As packing for your relocation will probably take some time, you want to have a normal everyday life as possible. And packing with this sort of hierarchy will certainly help with that.

3. Pack an essentials box

Following the previous tip, you want to pack the items you use and need the most in one box. And you want to label it. This box will hold all the items that allow a normal, every day functioning. You would fill it with some basic hygiene items, bedsheets, a couple of plates (if you are moving with a family, a plate for everyone will suffice), cutlery and some towels. This will help go through the first couple of days in your new home.

4. Allocate a room for your boxes

When packing for your Carrollton TX move, you might be tempted to leave the box where you packed it, allowing it to wait the moving day there. This is a big mistake. Well, not big, but it will certainly be a nuisance. As said, in case you are not moving tomorrow, you probably want to avoid spending the time till your moving day living in a warehouse. So, in order to avoid this unpleasantry, allocate a room in your home that has enough space to store your boxes. The whole point of this is to ensure all the moving boxes are not hindering your daily functioning through your space. In addition, you will not feel suffocated by the cardboard view wherever you look.

A clean and tidy living room
Yes, your living room can look like this all the way to moving week.

Lastly, make sure to give yourself enough time when packing for your Carrollton TX move. This is one thing you don’t want to rush if you want to ensure every item is safe and ready for the road ahead. Make a list of priorities if it will help you stay organized, and handle this task bit by bit. It will make the whole process much less stressful and seamless. And you really want to enjoy this whole experience as much as you can. So, put on some music, and start packing with a smile on your face.