Preparing your carpets for storage in 3 steps

Whether you are in the process of moving or remodeling your house, you may be preparing your carpets for storage. Stored rugs and carpets can lose their form, quality, and also attract various pests if not stored properly. We are here to show you how to store your carpets successfully in 3 steps. This is not a long process and it should not take a lot of your time and energy if you do it correctly. We would also like to mention that you should have reliable movers Frisco TX when relocating and we will explain why in this article.

3 steps that you need to follow when preparing your carpets for storage

The first step – Cleaning your carpets

When you start preparing your items for storage, including your carpets, they need to be cleaned properly. For regular carpets, you can start by using a good-quality vacuum cleaner. A lot of dust, dander, and other particles may have accumulated over the years. Depending on the carpet itself, different cleaning methods may be applied. For some higher-quality carpets that are more expensive, you need to be very careful when vacuum cleaning to avoid damaging the weaving. Regardless of how you clean your carpet, you have to do it with great care and the right tools to avoid damaging it. Furthermore, remember to hire professional movers Plano TX when taking your inventory, including your carpets, to storage.

Preparing your carpets for storage by cleaning.
When preparing your carpets for storage, thoroughly clean them first.

 The second step – Protect your carpets from insects, mold, and pests

Whether you are storing your carpets in the attic, basement, or a storage unit, you have to protect them from various pests and insects that can sometimes get to your valuables and destroy them. There are numerous insect and moth repellants that you can apply to your carpets before storage. This also goes for the rest of your household inventory that may attract these pests. However, when it comes to mold, the best way to protect your carpet is to make sure that the area is dry and has a cool temperature. Moreover, always store carpets on elevated surfaces. Make sure that nothing else lays on top of them as this can lead to imprints and potentially mold as well. Here are some basic things you can do to protect your carpet from not only pests but also mold:

  • Place carpets separately from the rest of your inventory.
  • Elevate the carpets in storage.
  • Have a pest repellent ready.
  • Make sure the room is dry and cold.
  • Use dehumidifier.

One of the disadvantages of in-home storage is the fact that it is not climate controlled properly. If you have valuable items and expensive carpets, it may be a good idea to look for a climate-controlled storage unit.

Cleaning carpets.
After you clean your carpets make sure they are protected with pest spray and elevated to avoid mold in storage.

Step 3 – Pack your carpets properly for storage

Do not fold your carpets when you prepare them for storage. It may be the easiest way to put them in storage but over time this will lead to damage that is irreversible. Roll the carpet into an even cylinder. Additionally, you can use protective wraps for your carpets. A cotton sheet or wraps can be used as protective wrapping for your carpets.  Make sure that the entire carpet is not covered in plastic wrap as this will stop it from breathing and the fabric will get damaged over time. Do not forget to put your insect repellents once the carpets are stored.

How to choose the right storage for your carpets

We have mentioned already that there are a few disadvantages when it comes to storing your items inside your own home. We mentioned the fact that it is not properly climate-controlled. However, there is more to it. Storing a lot of items in your home can lead to clutter. This is a nightmare for anyone who plans on remodeling or relocating. To avoid clutter, mold, and insects, in your home try to find a good storage unit. There are a few essential elements to look for in a storage unit. Contact professional movers who can offer various moving services Dallas including storage services, to help you out.

Find a climate-controlled storage unit

Not all storage units are the same. They can differ in sizes but also in the way they are controlled for room temperature and humidity. When you look for a storage unit for your carpets, find the one that is climate-controlled. This will help you maintain the room temperature and avoid mold as well as other problems.

Look for a storage unit that is well-maintained

There is no point in placing carpets inside storage units that are not looked after. A well-maintained storage unit means a well-maintained inventory. When storing carpets, do your research and find a storage unit that fits the needs of your relocation and is perfect for protecting the particular items you plan on storing, which in this case is carpets.

Cleaning floors.
Your carpet storage needs to be well-maintained and cleaned frequently.

Hire professional movers to help you pack and store your items

If you are in the process of moving, you know that it is not easy to complete all of the tasks you have for your relocation. Therefore, it is best to hire professional and experienced Dallas movers when relocating. There are numerous benefits that you have when you hire reliable movers. You do not have to worry about transportation and the safety of your packed items while they are being moved. If you have a lot of items in your inventory, professional movers will send a required number of experienced hired workers to help you out. So, when it comes to preparing your carpets for storage, make sure that you follow these three basic tips in order to do it properly and successfully. 

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