Preventing moisture in your storage unit

When it comes to storing items, preventing moisture in your storage unit should be your number one top priority! If you are storing valuable items, they can quickly lose their value and functionality. Not to mention that they will become utterly useless, and you will have to throw them away. Luckily, we wrote an article covering this topic, so you won’t have to bother looking for it elsewhere! Continue reading to find out more!

Search for a reliable storage company

This part is the very beginning of your fight against moisture in your storage. You need to search for and hire a reputable storage company before you store items. That is very important because if you store your items in some bad storage units, you can “kiss them goodbye.” Also, every reliable storage company will have a history of positive reviews behind it. Make sure to check it first before hiring them. You can also get some useful pointers if you ask your moving company whether they have functional storage units or know some storage company. Make sure you ask your local Allen movers that when you decide to store items!

Man showing thumbs up
Reliable storage companies are one step closer to preventing moisture in your storage unit

Preventing moisture in your storage unit requires cleaning it first

If you want to be sure there won’t be any moisture in a storage unit, you need to clean it first. Moisture will cause mold to happen. And that will significantly damage any items you might store in it.

Furthermore, mold is very bad for respiratory functions! Especially if you have asthma. So, to prevent that, you need to avoid moisture! First things first, enter your empty storage unit and inspect it. Once you locate possible issues in the unit like leaking, etc., try to fix them or ask the owner of storage units to do it.

Broom used for preventing moisture in your storage unit
Clean your storage unit regularly to prevent moisture

When you finish this simple task, all that is left is to prepare the unit for your items. But make sure you follow our tips to do it properly. Read more to learn the best ways of preventing moisture in your storage unit before you rent storage units TX.

How to properly clean the storage unit 

First things first, there are several things you need to get before you head out to clean the storage unit. Make sure you have things such as:

  • Wet and dry cloths. You will use damp cloths to wipe and remove moisturized stains in the storage units. And then use dry cloths to dry those parts out completely.
  • Sponges are perfect for this kind of cleaning because they won’t damage the walls of the storage units.

Moisture can be a great enemy when you want to store wooden items. Especially if you already have some furniture in it. The damaged caused by moisture can easily become unfixable, which is why it is important to know how to deal with moisture on furniture.

Stockpiled cloths
Use dry cloths to dry out the moisture in your storage unit

Store items properly

One of the best ways of preventing moisture in your storage unit is to store items properly in the units. Remember, there must be a constant flow of fresh air! Also, you need to empty any containers that might have water in them. That water can evaporate over time and raise the humidity of the storage units. And that being dark and cold is a perfect environment for mold. And if you reach the part where mold happens, then most of your items are already lost. You must check on your storage unit regularly as well as let it freshen up with new air.

books in a moving box
There are ways to pack items for storage unit properly

When you decide to store items, you will have to leave a small empty space between them. That is to allow the flow of air. Also, not every item has the same way of storing. As we mentioned before, if you have decided to store wooden furniture, then there are some preparations! Research how to store furniture before you fully commit to storing other items.

Chose the type of the boxes you will have in the storage unit

Yes, this will influence the moisture, humidity, and risk of the mold a lot. Meaning, if you have boxes that do not allow the flow of air, the higher the risk of moisture and mold. Furthermore, maybe the best boxes for storage units are those with holes in them. They will provide enough space for the air flow. That is a significant part since we already mentioned what can happen if the air in the storage unit becomes stale.

moving box
There are several types of moving boxes you can use for storage

Look for storage units with AC

If you can, you should always opt for renting a climate controlled storage unit. That is one of the safest ways to stay sure your items are safe from moisture. Because of the constant flow of fresh air, and temperature control, your items will be kept in the safest possible conditions.

An ac unit
Storage units with AC are perfect for preventing moisture

Chose the best season for renting a storage unit

If you are renting a storage unit, one of the best ways of avoiding moisture in your storage unit is to find out what is the best season for renting. You should always avoid renting during the seasons with a high amount of rain and snow. Because, even if your storage unit is functional, it can still leak or let in some of the moisture. So, make sure you know what season is the best for renting storage before you store your items in it.

Preventing moisture in your storage unit is not an easy task! And it requires careful preparation! One wrong move, and you will end up with black mold in your storage unit. Which means you will most likely have to throw away some items. That is why it is vital to follow our steps into preventing this from happening! We hope our guide gave you enough clues to what to do!

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