Risks of moving with amateurs

When you are about to move to another apartment, city, or if you are relocating your business, the crucial thing is to avoid moving with amateurs and find a reliable moving company in order to avoid unnecessary stress. Like moving itself is not stressful enough. You should plan and consider everything before making a move. So, at first, you could think of doing it all on your own or even call your friends to help you. But this takes a lot of work, a lot of time and, for sure, it causes stress. The best decision is to find a reliable moving company to do it for you, but you have to choose the one that is right for you to avoid ending up with amateurs.

Moving with amateurs, yes or no?

 Many people wonder if they should hire a small amateur company or a large one. The truth is the size doesn’t matter. What matters is their reputation. In order to save some money people decide to pick an amateur company, but if it doesn’t cost you a lot of money it could cost you a lot of nerves. Not that they will scam you for sure but there is a certain risk that goes with hiring amateurs in order to relocate safely.

So, here is a list of the most common risks of moving with amateurs:

  • Damaged or stolen items
  • Not having the money reimbursement
  • Not getting a full service

 Damaged or stolen belongings

When about moving, this is maybe the greatest concern that you will have.

Choose your movers wisely

You will think all the time if all your items will be properly packed and relocated without any damage. Professional movers are well prepared and trained for that, therefore they will be able to provide you with adequate service, unlike the amateur ones.

 Not having your money reimbursed

This is the second important thing. Not being reimbursed in case of damage or loss is also one of the stressful situations that could happen if you decide to choose the amateur company. The thing is they are rarely insured and will not offer you the insurance policy, so you can put yourself in a situation where your things are damaged and not being reimbursed for the damage with an explanation that things like that sometimes happen.

Reputable and reliable companies are all insured and well prepared. So, it could cost you a bit more money but you will be peaceful about your stuff even if something should happen to them, the insurance will cover it.

 Not getting a full service

Last but not least. When hiring an amateur you risk not getting a full service. With reliable companies, you will have more options and you will not have to think, for example, about packing or moving your thing from the house to their truck.

Damaged sofa
Amateurs vs Professionals

What does the full service include? Here are some hints about that, but It generally depends on your agreement with the moving company.

The full service includes:

  • supplying all packing materials and supplies that are required for your moving, such are boxes, packing tapes, bubble wrap, and furniture blankets.
  • Packing up your items and moving them to the truck. Relocating your items of course and they will also unload the truck when you arrive at your new home or office.
  • Unpacking is also part of the deal. You can guide your movers where to put your belonging and let them do that for you.
  • They can also dispose of the packing materials. They will get rid of all the boxes, paper, plastic wraps.

If that is the part of the deal, your moving company will do everything for you and make your moving goes as smooth as possible. That is why it’s important to choose a good and reliable moving company instead of risking moving with amateurs.

Bonus tip

One bonus tip about moving and packing. If you are moving for good, maybe you won’t be needing all of your clothes and furniture. So you can think of finding a way to get rid of unnecessary things. You can sell them on the Internet, recycle them, donate do the Red Cross, or some other charity organization, or you can just store them for a while.

You can find someone to help you with storing your belongings. When you have decided to hire a reliable company you need to choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Go to the BBB website and find out if your movers are there. If they are, you can be sure that they are reliable.

How to choose a reliable moving company

 As we already said, moving is stressful by itself so you do not need additional stress whether your belongings are going to be damaged, lost, or stolen. So, to prevent that, do the research, and choose wisely.

Truck full of things
Let the professionals do all the work for you

The best thing would be to make a list. Write down what is your budget, the date of moving, what are the services you need from your movers. You can then look up on the Internet for some moving companies and read the reviews left by their previous customers.

Where to find reliable moving companies

Every area or every city has companies that have existed for years and with good recommendations. So this is up to you to find the company that responds to your demands. You can find some of the best local movers Dallas offers.

Since Texas is a big state, you will find a lot of moving companies within other cities. There are also apartment movers Fort Worth. Depending on the city you live in Texas, these are some of the reliable companies that can provide you with the full service. They can help you with all the details, insurance, packing, and the safe relocation of your belongings.


After everything said about the risks of moving with amateurs, you can conclude what is best for you. But it is your choice. If you decide anyway to choose amateurs instead of professionals maybe it wouldn’t be bad to make a list of your belongings. You can also just hire experienced moving companies Carrollton offers and have a great move. Or, you can take some photos so you can easily notice if something is missing.

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