Searching for moving companies online – tips and tricks

When planning a relocation, you need to make plenty of decisions. And one of the most important ones is choosing the right moving company Dallas for the job. Whatever challenge is in front of you, having reliable moving professionals by your side will make things easier. Hence, you really need to take time to research, evaluate, compare and finally choose a moving company that suits your needs. And nowadays, most of that you can in the comfort of your own home. Searching for moving companies online has never been easier, so let’s give it some thought!

The early bird catches the worm

We recommend starting your search for a moving company as soon as you know the approximate moving date.  Searching and comparing moving companies can be a time-consuming process. Hence, the sooner you start the better! But also aim to book your movers at least a month in advance. Obviously, if you are moving on very short notice, that won’t be exactly possible. However, as a rule of thumb, start your research as soon as you decide to move.

Start early searching for moving companies online, watch the clock and make a cup of coffee.
Start searching as soon as you get your approximate moving date.

Start from Google and end up on Yelp

Regardless of recommendations, if you’re going to be hiring a moving company, you will need a list. In our experience, it’s great to have at least three or four possible movers to compare. Though, if you have got the time on your hands, you can go bigger as well. Wondering where to start? Simply enter the keyword of what you are searching for and find the choices which you like. For example, if you are moving from Texas long distance, try long distance moving companies in Texas. This way, companies which are specialized for your state and the type of move you require will be first on the list of your choices.

You may feel tempted to book your move with the biggest company you see. But actually, that is not always the best choice. Sometimes, these huge companies can be overbooked and pay little attention to your needs. When searching for moving companies online, make sure that you are looking for someone to help you move with you as a priority. Additionally, as a side tip, be careful with the websites offering to find movers for you. Often, these can be scams.

After you have a few names down, detect scammers

Evaluating a business online is a fairly easy task. Since you are going to be searching for moving companies online, it is crucial to make sure that they are not scams.

  • Therefore, visit the Better Business Bureau website and look them up, one by one. Also, you need to confirm that the movers have a valid license and insurance. You can do that fast and easy by entering their USDOT number at the FMCSA website.
  • Besides, there are many other ways to see if a mover is fraudulent. Beware of those who don’t list their address on their websites.
  • And if they are offering you a quote which is too low or too high, it should be a red flag, too.
  • Reading some of the customer reviews on Yelp or checking out if their name pops up on any rip-off websites is always a good idea.
Woman looking at laptop
Take time for the research, you can find almost anything online!

How does their website look like? 

In the era of internet and digital marketing, it is just unacceptable that the company has no website or has a sloppy one. So pay attention when inspecting companies’ websites. Hence, if a moving company’s website looks unorganized, uninformative and not updated recently, that is probably a good indication about the kind of care they will put into actually moving your belongings. Reliable movers usually have IT specialists that do website optimization for moving companies and regularly update and maintain their website. If they care about their business and reputation, you will see that right there on their websites. If they are informative, regularly updated and user-friendly, chances are that you have found dependable moving professionals.

What about customer testimonials?

You should definitely read customer testimonials. However, take them with a pinch of salt. If they are too positive or too negative, they could be fake. When you make sure you are not dealing with fake testimonials, try to find informative ones.

Do they cover the area you are moving to and from?

When searching for moving companies online, pay attention to the area they are covering. All movers have a square mile radius they service. When looking at their page, you should make sure they are covering the area you are moving to and from.

Request at least three moving estimates

The online moving estimates provide you a quote based on your shipment size, weight, and distance of your relocation. Take time to compare at least three estimates. This way, you will get the idea about moving rates and make sure you choose the quote that suits you best.

Man typing on laptop
Reliable movers have IT specialists that work for them and maintain their websites.

Additional moving services alert

In addition to transporting your belongings, many movers offer additional moving services. Knowing exactly which services you need will help you when searching for moving companies online. Here are some examples of additional services mover may offer you:

  • Storage solutions
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Crating and special packaging
  • Furniture disassembling and assembling
  • Piano, fine art, antique or pool table moving

Searching for moving companies online

As you can see, you can find almost anything online. You just need a little time and patience. We really hope we have helped you in searching for moving companies online and that you will find movers that suit you perfectly!