Short-distance relocation in Texas: tips & tricks

You have probably heard so many times in your life how moving is stressful. It is said to be in the top ten of the most stressful events in a person’s life. We will not deny this, but we can say that it does not need to be like that always. First of all, the level of stress will depend on the type of move. Some will require planning skills and a lot of time, some will be quite easy. The level of difficulty will also depend on the fact if you are planning to hire movers and which ones. When dealing with some of the best moving companies Dallas can offer, you can bet that relocation experience will not be so hard. If you are about to do a short-distance relocation in Texas, hear us out, we have some valuable tips for you.

Short-distance relocation in Texas means less hassle

Even if you are moving the entire house and not just an office, short-distance moves are much easier. Since you will not have to move things thousands of miles away, things are much simpler. Depending on the number of things you own, you might even be able to endure a DIY move. If you own a car or maybe can rent a van, you might just be able to trunk all the things on your own. It does not even have to be all at once since you are doing in on your terms. In case you feel you do not have time or energy for that, you can always call apartment movers Fort Worth to assist you. Having professionals do the hardest part of this short-distance relocation in Texas for you, will leave more time for some other important things.


A Texas light sign
A short-distance relocation to Texas does not need to be hard

Declutter as much as possible

According to modern concepts such as Marie Kondo, the decluttering process is some sort of a cleanse. You maybe never thought about it that way, but you definitely feel freer after getting rid of stuff. People tend to hold on to things not only because of the financial value, but the emotional as well. The emotional attachment to items is a lot worse, as it stops people from seeing things realistically and saying goodbye instead of hoarding. We are, of course, not talking about family heirloom and such, but other things such as clothes or souvenirs. Even pieces of small furniture that someone kept only because they were a gift from a dear friend but were never a good fit for the interior. Make two piles, one being a giveaway and the other for sale. Whether you will sell things online or throw a yard sale is up to you.

Books selling on yard sale before short-distance relocation in Texas
Sell or give away all the things you do not need and do not plan on moving with you

Packing for short-distance relocation in Texas

If you plan on driving your things from the old to a new home, you may as well pack on your own. This way you will not be bound to any specific date. Also, this way you will be able to move things as many times you want. Depending on your daily obligations you should be able to make some sort of a plan that will work for you. Packing clothes is the easiest part so you can do that first, leaving only a few items to wear during the moving period. You can then proceed with the furniture and its disassembling if necessary. But we have to say one thing. If you own things such as piano or anything of great value, do not pack it yourself. Get in touch with any of the moving companies Carrollton TX to do it for you.

Good sides of a short-distance move in Texas when moving with kids

When you have kids who are of the age when they clearly express their dissatisfaction with things, relocation can be stressful. You can be sure that your kids will not just voluntarily agree to move wherever you tell them you are going. A lot of back and forth and convincing will have to happen before everything becomes a smooth sail. A great thing about a short distance move is that you can actually take your kids to the new city on weekends. This way you will give them some kind of prelude to what they should expect. Getting to know the new place will not only be good for them but for you as well. You can even finish administration work here and find out how to change your address in Texas. Explore the new neighborhood with kids, giving them a glimpse of what awaits them.

An angry child in pink top
Prepare for dissatisfaction to be shown by the kids when you tell them about the move

Ask friends and family for assistance

If you decided to pack and move mostly on your own, and on your schedule, keep the close people around. You can be organized and skillful as much as you like, but help is always preferable. If not on weekdays, then call your friend and family members on weekends to help in packing. This can even be some sort of gathering where you can work a little and also hang out. Snacks and drinks are also very welcome but do not be irresponsible and drink alcohol while you are handling sensitive items. Not only can you break or damage something, but you can hurt yourself as well. Also, friends are good to be around during the decluttering, as they might take something off of your hands, that you no longer need. Make this short-distance relocation in Texas fun and relaxing thing as much as possible, you’ll worry later on.