Should employees help with moving offices?

Moving your office is an undertaking that can take quite a lot of time, energy and money. Of course, on a journey like this, all the help you can get is welcome. Obviously, you can get the best movers Dallas to help you out, but there are still some things you’ll have to do without them. The question is, do you want your employees to give you a hand? As with anything else in life, there are both pros and cons to working as a team with your employees to achieve a successful relocation. There are things that could go wrong if you’re not careful. On the other hand, joining forces could lead to a very efficient and smooth relocation. So, should employees help with moving offices? What’s the right choice? Keep reading to find out.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Moving is a process that’s difficult to face on your own. It’s always nice to have a few people who can assist you and make everything go easier and quicker. When you’re moving house, other than your apartment movers Fort Worth, you probably have friends and family giving you a hand. Well, when you’re handling a business move, your employees are the people you could ask for help. Why not?

Employees putting their hands together
If your employees help with relocating offices, the process will be much more efficient and stress-free.

By working as a team with your employees instead of handling the move alone, your relocation should be easier. If everyone has their own tasks and roles, moving the office is bound to go much smoother. Everyone is taking care of a certain aspect of the move and therefore things are getting done much quicker. If your employees help you move the office, you can expect an efficient relocation with less stress. Especially if we’re talking about an office with a small number of people who work as a well-versed team.

How employees can help when relocating your office

Employees can help you clean

Cleaning your office before the move is an inevitable step. Of course, you can hire professional cleaners to take care of this task. However, if you’re trying to reduce your moving expenses, you’re probably not too tempted to do that. Well, if you let your employees help with moving offices, you can rely on them. You can clean the office as a team and get it done quickly. If you were to do it on your own, you’d need much more time and energy. So, just ask your staff for a hand and join forces to clean the office space before moving.

Decluttering and packing as a team – a benefit of letting employees help with moving offices

You’re probably dreading the idea of packing all your office belongings and protecting them for transport. Not only that, but you also have to take the time to get rid of the things you don’t need to transport to your new office space. As you can guess, this can take a long time and it’s not the most exciting task. So, in case you’re not getting packing services from moving companies Carrollton TX, you can get help from your employees! 

Two people high-fiving when packing
Packing as a team will make this dreaded task much easier and less overwhelming.

You can work together to downsize the office before you start packing. Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t need in the new office, you can move on to packing. To achieve maximum efficiency, each person can pack a certain part of the office. By working like a well-oiled machine, packing will be a task that’s not so stress-inducing and overwhelming. 

Assistance with logistics

Other than helping you with cleaning and packing, there’s another big thing your employees can do for you. Namely, a successful office move is all about good organization. So, instead of planning the move on your own, you can do it together. Getting your employees’ help with logistics will be very useful. They can help you with budgeting for the move, finding the right moving company, picking a moving date, etc. So, getting employees’ help when moving offices can be a very good idea.

The potential risks when employees help with moving offices

Though chances are that your employees’ help when relocating is going to be very helpful, it doesn’t mean it’s all roses and butterflies. Namely, there are certain things that could go wrong when the staff is working together during an office move. Of course, it all depends on the situation and the people, but you should consider these risks if you’re asking employees to help with relocating offices.

A man covering his face with hands in the moving van
Getting employees’ help when moving could either be the best decision or cause you even more stress.
  • Inner conflicts – as moving is a stress-inducing process for everyone, it’s possible that people will start to bump heads with each other. If everyone in the office is feeling the pressure of the move and they’re not dealing with it well, it could cause problems and conflicts.
  • Your business suffering – in case everyone is focusing solely on the relocation, your business could feel the consequences. So, don’t forget about your clients and project just because you’re relocating the office. If you see that your business isn’t thriving, you could probably use the help of commercial movers instead of your employees.
  • An unwell oiled machine – if you’re not working as a team, the move might become even more difficult. In case you’re not organized well, the help of your employees when moving the office could only make things harder. That’s why everyone should have their own role in the relocation instead of everyone doing what they want.

Delegate wisely when employees are helping you relocate the office

So, as you can tell, there are both pros and cons to letting employees help with moving offices. However, the pros probably outweigh the cons in this situation. There’s nothing wrong with getting some extra help when relocating your office. If you do decide to get employees to help you, be mindful. You should be the one to delegate tasks to each person. Do this carefully considering every person’s capability and work ethic. If you give the right tasks to the right people, you won’t regret getting your staff to help with moving. Also, the relocation will go by in a flash!

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