Should you move to Fort Worth, Texas?

If you’re looking for a sun-bathed place with a still-present tinge of the old West, Fort Worth, Texas sounds like an ideal city for you. But there’s more to it than just that surface appeal. Much like any other place, it has its own ups and downs that you should consider when thinking about relocating there. So, should you move to Fort Worth? Our Fort Worth movers will lay out everything you need to know right here.

Your move to Fort Worth: the good

Let’s start off on a high note. We’ll list off some good things about Fort Worth so that you know what you can gain from moving there.

Fort Worth is relatively inexpensive to live in

One of the better upsides for those who move to Fort Worth is that living there doesn’t leave you penniless. Housing costs, for one, are not terribly expensive. Sources estimate that the city’s median home price stands at around $260,000, which won’t exactly gauge cash out of your budget. Meanwhile, the average in, say, Carrollton, TX, is a substantially higher $300,000.

If you’re looking to flee to a cheaper housing market, calling up some of the movers Carrollton TX hosts and relocating to Fort Worth would be a reasonable solution. Keep in mind that utilities do cost a fraction more than the national average. The price difference, though, is barely a single percent, so the disparity is far from a grave one.

There’s more to living in Fort Worth than housing, though. Transportation is also fairly inexpensive, as well. Oil prices contribute much to that fact, seeing that the oil industry excels in Texas. As a result, oil costs less, making it more affordable to own a car. And there’s also the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (a.k.a. The T), which offers pretty solid transportation services.

Finding a job in Fort Worth is not hard

As a booming community (the population increases by an average of around 250 people a day), this city has a bustling job market. This is great news for you and your move to Fort Worth. Finding professional prospects can prove challenging when you move to another city. Luckily, Fort Worth’s job market has increased by a hefty 33% over the last 10 years. To compare, Plano, TX, for example, has enjoyed a significantly lower 18% growth. So call up the movers Plano TX calls its own and take your pick of career options after moving to Fort Worth!

Speaking of career options, a few sectors stand out for doing particularly well here. In fact, Fort Worth stands among the top five U.S. cities with the greatest Fortune 500 presence. Trade and telecommunications seem to flourish here. And if that wasn’t enough, you can take your pick from an array of different budding industries in the city. If anything of the below appeals to you, then keep your eye on Fort Worth in the near future.

  • corporate offices
  • communications equipment manufacturing
  • semiconductor manufacturing
  • distribution

Lovers of music and art will feel right at home

Fort Worth, Texas boasts a very strong arts scene, especially in terms of performative art (theater, live music, etc.). The Cultural district serves as the focal point of the city’s, well, cultural events. Bass Performance Hall is home to a flurry of artistic organizations, and people come to it in droves to enjoy all sorts of events.

Move to Fort Worth: a closeup of a Marshall amp
The live gig is alive and well in Fort Worth

Main Street Arts Festival, meanwhile, draws in various events, from music to dance and street performers. This thirty-odd-year-old festival is completely free to visit, which is why so many people flock to it. Meanwhile, movie aficionados can turn to the Lone Star International Film Festival, where they indulge in quality cinema.

Your move to Fort Worth: the bad

Now that you see some of the best things about Fort Worth, we can hand you a small dose of negativity. A few facts keep this city from being perfect. If you intend to move to Fort Worth, you really should know about these factors.

It gets pretty hot

To be completely fair, this is a problem for the vast majority of Texan cities. All the same, you should know that temperatures in Fort Worth can reach some fairly high numbers. Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit aren’t a rarity. While the locals have grown used to the heat, you might find it a bit distracting.

On the other hand, winters do tend to get a bit nippy, sometimes even dipping below the 20’s on the Fahrenheit scale. The average temperature is pretty much the same as that in places like Dallas. Thus, anyone from there won’t really mind the heat. A simple arrangement with long distance movers in Dallas will have you moved in short order, and you won’t really feel the difference temperature-wise.

The Sun on a clear day
It can get pretty hot in Fort Worth, with temperatures soaring into the hundreds at times

Fort Worth is Texan through and through

Honestly, this one doesn’t qualify as either a pro or a con. All the same, the cowboy culture emblematic of the Texas experience permeates the city. People left and right sport ten-gallon hats, rodeos take place every weekend, and ranch life is celebrated.

It’s something that hardly anyone will even consider an issue, but it might be worth bringing up. If you feel put off by this notion, know that not every part of Fort Worth resonates with this cowboy-ness. Much of the inner city carries itself basically as any other urban area does. It’s not all that different from the aforementioned Dallas in that regard. So don’t be afraid of calling up some moving services Dallas has to offer and moving to Fort Worth, Texas!

A neon sign for a live music bar showing the outline of Texas
Fort Worth has a very strong Texan identity

Should you move to Fort Worth? Wrapup

So, everything considered, should you move to Fort Worth? Well, it depends on what you value and what you think doesn’t matter. But if the heat doesn’t bother you and you really like wide-brimmed hats, there’s really no reason not to relocate. The job market is as strong as it has ever been, it isn’t brutally expensive, and art is widely appreciated. You can rest assured that your decision to move there would be wise.