Storage ideas for home renters

It is sometimes difficult to have ample storage space if you are a renter. You can’t really remodel your home because it does not belong to you. Most people that are living as a renter need to utilize some creative storage ideas. And among the storage ideas for home renters, there are some quite crafty ones. We will present to you some of these ideas but if you need more, simply contact movers Carrollton and ask them about it. They will be happy to assist! That being said, here are the:

Best storage ideas for home renters

In the list below, you will find some of the most common storage solutions that do not require home remodeling. Or, at the very least, the minimum amount of it. So, in order to get more storage, you can:

  • Buy some furniture storage
  • Divide your space
  • Hooks are one of best storage ideas for home renters – they are cheap too!
  • Use the space under the bed
  • Kitchen shelves and baskets
  • High-level shelves!
big bookshelf
Shelves that cover the entirety of the wall are a great storage solution!

Buy some furniture storage

Furniture that doubles down as a storage unit is very popular these days, and for a good reason. Average apartment sizes have been slowly declining in the big cities and anything that serves multiple purposes in a home is a godsend. Look for items that have ample storing space, such as sofas and even beds. These might be more difficult to transport but you can always check with best movers Dallas for recommendations. Having such furniture will make it a lot easier for you to keep your items.

Divide your space

When we say “divide your space” we basically mean building a wall of sorts. However, this wall will be your mini-storage unit. Imagine a big bookshelf-like contraption that divides your living space and is top-to-bottom. It will serve as a wall as well as storage! And you can always dismantle it and move it somewhere else. These items are not even that expensive nowadays if you are willing to put in some extra work. Simply browse some of the IKEA bookcases and see if anything strikes your fancy. You can always hire someone else to assemble them if you are not willing to put in your work.

Hooks are great storage ideas because they are cheap

Another great way to increase storage space in your home is by employing hooks. You can hang these just about anywhere. You can hang clothes, bags, and other items on them. This will make the most use of any free vertical space that you have in your home. They are dirt-cheap as well. Just make sure to ask permission from the apartment owner before you start drilling holes for hooks. Some people are really sensitive about drilling. However, most people are reasonable enough and if you let them know that you will cover the holes once you leave, you should not have any problems.

fishing items on hooks
You can use these nifty hooks for a variety of purposes!

Use the space under the bed

Space that we do not utilize, more often than not, is under the bed. The likely reason for this is that we simply do not consider it as a storage space. But it definitely is. You can place all manner of items beneath the bed. Do avoid placing anything that is perishable or organic as that only invites problems. If you need to store perishable food safely, there are other options. Most of the time this space beneath the bed is used to keep your shoes, the ones that you use daily. Do note that anything that is really far away under the bed will be hard to reach. You will most likely need to prop the bed up before you can get to the items below. So do not place stuff there that you plan on using shortly.

Kitchen shelves and baskets as storage ideas for home renters

When it comes to the kitchen, the idea of using vertical space is still sound. You can accomplish this by placing shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling. If you have lower shelves, you can place baskets on top of them to utilize that vertical space more effectively. More often than not, you will not be building anything and you might want to simply add baskets everywhere you can. You can then place excess items inside these baskets. You can even label the baskets and create some sort of fun organizational scheme.

As with everything in life, do try to have fun when figuring out these storage solutions.

kitchen baskets
You can use these nifty baskets as a storage compartment!

High-level shelves!

Your apartment most likely has unused vertical space just about everywhere. You can fill this space with shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling. Sure, you might need to use a ladder to place anything up there but the extra storage space is definitely worth it. My wife recently installed one of these humongous shelves in our home. The huge thing takes the entire living room wall, from bottom to the ceiling. They are great for storing your book collection, too. Sure, we sacrificed a bit of space in the living room for this monstrosity but the end result is that we are throwing away all other storage compartments in our home. We ended up saving more space, overall.

Do you have a lot of bulky items – rent a storage space!

However, no amount of crafty tricks will help you if you have extremely bulky items. You can’t simply store those in a basket, now, can you? In these situations, the best idea is to rent out a storage unit somewhere. Storage units come in various shapes and sizes and you are sure to find one to your liking if you search long enough. For example, Small World Moving storage solutions Dallas offer the perfect mix of space and price, depending on your needs. Give them a call if you require additional storage space!

As you can see, there are many great storage ideas for home renters and they are really not that hard to employ. The basic premise is verticality. Always think up when considering storage space!