Storing musical instruments 101

The need for storage may arise independently of a relocation. It is a simple solution to a lack of space at a certain time. Just ask your apartment movers Fort Worth and we are sure they will concur. They will also mention the importance of properly storing your goods in order to ensure you find them in their original state. With that in mind, you are probably wondering about adequate methods of storing musical instruments. Well, let us not waste a second more, and get right to them.

Storing musical instruments 101

It is important to note here how you should always follow any manufacturers’ instructions for storing musical instruments. They will include tips like how to specifically clean and prepare these delicate items for storage. After all, moving companies in Lewisville TX employ the same approach.

A person playing a violin
Storing musical instruments requires almost as much attention as playing them.

With that in mind, we suggest that you also follow these tips:

Rend a climate-controlled storage unit

These sorts of units keep both the temperature and humidity at constant levels. This will ensure that your belongings stay in good shape whilst they stay in the storage unit. Humidity can warp or deform wood. As such, it can be regarded as your biggest problem when it comes to storing musical instruments. In addition, the temperature is also a thing to be mindful of. Extreme cold and dry air can cause cracks in the instruments. Both of these cause irreparable damage, and that is the thing you most certainly want to avoid.

Clean and condition the instruments properly and with care

In order to get your instruments ready for storage, you need to take them apart, remove reeds or mouthpieces on wood instruments, and clean it all thoroughly. Likewise, you would relax the strings on guitars, violins, and other stringed instruments. Do not forget to condition the drums with oil.

Store musical instruments in original cases

Cases that the musical instruments come with are manufactured to fit and protect the instruments perfectly. So, before storing your musical goods, you would want to ensure that the inside of the cases is clean and that they are not showing any signs of damage or fraying. Once in the storage unit, you want to keep the cases off the floor. Do this by placing them on a pallet or shelving, away from vents or direct sunlight. To increase protection, consider covering the cases with padding or tarps to keep dust and debris away.

A guitar case
The best way to ensure your instrument’s safety is to keep it in its original case.

Be careful when unpacking

After a certain period of time has passed, you will probably decide to take these instruments out of storage. When the time for that arrives, keep in mind that these instruments will need some cleaning and tuning before they are able to produce beautiful music once again. As a matter of fact, the longer the period of storing musical instruments is, the more the care they require after they are taken out. So, check for any damage like cracked joints, corrosion or discoloration. If they require some professional service, address that necessity by taking them to the right place, and avoid expensive problems in the future.