The best way to safely move your dishwasher

Whether you have a large family, enjoy having guests over for dinner, or simply hate washing the dishes, dishwashers truly are a godsend. So, it’s completely understandable that you want to have a dishwasher in your new home as well. However, they can be rather expensive. With the moving already draining your house budget, you sure don’t want to add more to your list of expenses by damaging any appliances. Luckily, you don’t have to – keep reading to find out how to safely move your dishwasher.

First off, it is recommended to hire a team of professionals who are trained to safely move your dishwasher or any other massive appliances you own. There are many reputable apartment movers Fort Worth has to offer. If, however, you cannot afford that, you will need some help from your friends. To put it simply: it is virtually impossible for one person to single-handedly move a dishwasher.

Is it worth it?

Before you call your mover friends and get the show on the road, ask yourself this: is moving the dishwasher going to cost me more than purchasing a new one when I get to my new home? If you are moving locally, then no, but if you’re moving from Euless to NYC, then you might want to rethink this decision. Keep in mind that there are plenty of trustworthy movers Euless TX has to offer and they’d be more than happy to give you an estimate on how much it would cost you to hire them.

Taking care of your dishes is easy if you have a washing machine

Disconnecting the dishwasher

There are two key things dishwashers run on: power supply and water supply. You want to start by disconnecting both.

The power supply

Check if your dishwasher is plugged in or the wires run behind the wall. If it’s plugged in, then it’s simple – just unplug it. The alternative is a bit more complicated. Start by flipping off the switch for the kitchen on your circuit breaker. Then you will have to find and remove the metal junction box that is concealing the wires. Loosen the nuts that are holding the wires in place. Put the nuts in a bag and store them somewhere safe – you will need them later when setting up the dishwasher in your new home.

The water supply

Shut off the tap that directly supplies water to the dishwasher. It should be under the sink. Next, remove the hose that connects the tap and the dishwasher. It is recommended that you use a bucket for any residual water from the hose.

The drainage hose

The dirty water from the dishwasher is disposed of through the drainage pipe or the drain hose. You will need a wrench to loosen the fittings that are holding the pipe attached to the wall drain. Again, use a bucket to dispose of any residual water that might leak out of the pipe.

Empty and clean the dishwasher

Opne dishwasher with visible racks, trays, and baskets
Make sure everything is clean and secured for transport

Make sure that there are no dishes left inside the dishwasher. You might want to remove all the racks, trays, and baskets from the dishwasher, so they are not tumbled and damaged in transport. Wrap and pack them separately. Check to see if the inside is completely clean and dry. This is to ensure that no mold or bacteria starts growing while the dishwasher is closed – remember, the transport can take up to several weeks.

Detach the dishwasher from the counter

Dishwashers are usually attached to the countertop to avoid any shifting while they are in use. In order to safely detach the dishwasher, you will need to remove the screws that are holding it in place. They are normally inside the unit, so open the dishwasher door and remove the screws using an appropriate screwdriver. Put the screws in the same bag with the nuts to keep them safe.

Pull out and wrap up

Now that you’ve completely freed your dishwasher, it is time to pull it out and pack it up. This is the part where you need your mover friends. Pull the dishwasher out slowly, all the while making sure that hoses and cables are not stuck or damaged. Once you’ve pulled it out, detach the hoses from the dishwasher and pack them separately. It would be good to wrap the cable and tape it to the back of the dishwasher so it stays put. Wrap the blankets around the dishwasher and use ropes or tape to make sure that padding stays firmly in place during the transport.

Safely move the dishwasher to the moving truck

As previously mentioned, this is not a one-man job. Dishwashers can weigh up to 180 pounds, so unless you frequent gym more than The Rock, you will need some help loading the dishwasher onto the moving dolly. The moving dolly isn’t necessary, but it makes the job much easier. Once you’ve got the appliance firmly on the dolly, push the dolly to the moving truck. Again, you will need help to lift the dishwasher and load it into the truck. A friendly suggestion: if this seems like too much trouble, there are some trustworthy moving companies Carrollton TX residents would recommend in a heartbeat.

Re-install the dishwasher

Wrenches and screwdrivers
You will need the proper tools

Once you and your dishwasher have arrived safely to your destination, it is time to whip out the manual and your toolbox and re-install the dishwasher in your new kitchen. If you can repeat the process in reverse using only your memory, even better. This is the part where you will feel grateful you took our advice and saved the nuts and screws. You can even donate it once you don’t need it anymore. Someone else can use it for a long time as well.

If you feel confident you can safely move your dishwasher without the help of a moving company, go ahead! If you are still not sure, why don’t you try and request accurate quotes to see how much it would cost to have your dishwasher packed and installed by the professionals? Go through your moving plan step by step and re-check your moving budget. You might find out you don’t have to go through the trouble of moving your dishwasher by yourself after all.

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