Tips for moving with pet birds

Moving with pets always requires extra care and planning. Moving with pet birds is even harder since it’s not happening as often as moving with dogs and cats. Another thing is when it comes to moving with birds, you are not just looking to move the birds. You are looking to make sure the move is as easy as possible on them. So, you need to get some helping hands at Small World Moving TX and plan the perfect relocation. They will be moved and they will stress less if you make sure you did everything you could, so read all about it here.

Moving with pet birds, what are the things to look out for?

There are many types of birds. This is important when you think about how much space they need in the car. Sometimes it’s a small bird in a small cage or few small birds in a large cage. Sometimes, it’s the cage the size of the room with many different birds inside. Whatever your case is, you will have to think it trough, so your birds can have a safe relocation, and have the least amount of stress possible. That is why you can be sure that you will have a great relocation, in no time. Hire the best movers in Rockwall TX and you will have nothing to worry about. They will take care of your belongings in the best possible way so you can take care of your birds.

If you do this right, your pet birds won’t get traumatized by the even

How to prepare?

The moving period can get quite noisy and that is one of the things your bird will likely freak out about. Packing, moving, many people walking around, it’s just too much for your pet. Moving with pet birds requires peace and quiet. This is why you should know that the best way to take care of the pet bird during the move is to get someone to look after it. Let them take the bird to another room. They can even get it to their own home, so it doesn’t get too stressed about the moving period.

Choose the right transportation

There are two best ways to move any type of pet, including birds. If you are moving locally, you should move your birds in your car. This way, you are in control. They know you so they will be relaxed with you rather than being moved on a bus full of people for example. But, if you are moving long-distance or really far away, you need to move your bird by plane. This way, it will be in your new home soon, and moving companies are great when it comes to moving pets. Your birds will be safe with them. Moving pet birds will be easier this way.

Once you decide to take a car or a plane, you need to choose if you want to move them in a cage or car carrier. You should think about the other times your pet bird was moved, and you can make your choice easy. If you don’t have experience in moving birds from prior, get a cage or a carrier and let the bird get to know it. This way, it can get used to it and have a stress free move.

In case your bird was never in a car, make sure you take a few short drives and it will easily get used to the feeling. Just like with any other animal, leave the cage or the carrier in the back seat so the birds are safe from the airbags just in case. You can even use the bird bag. Whatever makes your bird feel safe, is a fine choice.

bird in a cage
Make sure your pet has a cage so it can be safe during the relocation

What should you bring?

Making sure that the birds are not stressed out is easier if you bring their food along and feed them from time to time. Having favorite food around will make them much easier to handle. Tell your best movers Allen TX where the food is so they can manage if the birds get upset during the relocation. If your pet bird as some kind of toy thet they like, make sure they get that as well.

Make sure you have a new veterinarian once you relocate

Taking care of your bird’s health is extremely important and that is why you want to be sure that it has a new vet as soon as you move to the new home. Before the move, go to the current vet and get all the documentation they have related to your beloved pet. This way your new vet will be able to learn everything about it right away. A healthy pet is a happy pet and you should never forget that. Moving with pet birds, cats, or dogs, you have to make sure your pet feels great every single day.

After the move

Moving from one home to another can be stressful for a human, let alone a bird. Unlike us, they are not really aware of what is happening at the time of the relocation, but they can see and feel that there is some kind of change. While some birds and animals, in general, take it pretty well, some can get more than stressed during these times. That is why you should make sure they feel great. As soon as you move, give them some time.

a bird in a cage
Your pet bird will have a great time in your new home, right away.

Make your home look as much as possible like the last one. The bird will get used to it in no time. If you are careful enough and give all you can so you and your birds have a great time is the most important aspect. Moving with pet birds is not as easy as you might think. But you can make sure it’s gone more than fine.