Tips for organizing your storage unit

If you are moving, then you know you cannot bring everything with you to your new home. It would be a shame to throw everything away since you might need it sometime in near future. For this reason, you should rent a storage unit. However, you cannot just throw your things inside and hope for the best. You need to keep your storage unit clean and well-organized. If you are not sure how to achieve this, do not worry. We have prepared tips for organizing your storage unit.

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Use boxes for protection

Storage units

Storage units are perfect for storing the things you currently do not use. You can declutter your house and put the belongings in your storage unit. Another benefit of the storage unit is its size. You can choose the size of the storage unit based on your needs. In addition to this, you can also choose whether you will rent it for short or long term. If you need a good storage unit, you can always check moving services Small World Moving. There you can choose the storage unit that fits your requirements. For now, let’s see tips for organizing your storage unit.

Invest in some quality boxes

When you decide that you will rent a storage unit, buy some quality boxes. You cannot just put your things inside the storage unit and leave them unprotected. Something unexpected may occur, and without the boxes, your things will get destroyed. In order to avoid this unpleasant situation, put your things inside the boxes and seal them. The boxes will offer the best protection for your items. Therefore, buying as many boxes as you need is the first tip for organizing your storage unit.

boxes for organizing your storage unit
Boxes for the better organization

Label the boxes

Organizing your storage unit means you should organize your boxes as well. How are you going to achieve this? The answer is quite simple, label your boxes. Write on the box what it contains or put a number on it. It will be much easier to find the items you need if you know where to look. Otherwise, you will have to open every single box to find the items, which is simply a waste of time. For this reason, make sure to label your boxes. You can even be creative with labels as long as they will help with the organization.

Make the content list

When you start to pack, get a piece of paper and a pencil. While you are putting your things into the boxes, write everything down. First, put the number of the boxes and then every item it contains. This is a perfect way for organizing your storage unit. With the help of your notes or content list, you will know exactly where your items are all the time. If you need something from your storage unit, just look at your content list, and you will find it in a minute.

Make a map of your storage unit

Similarly to the labels and content list, make a map of your storage unit. Be as detailed as you can while making the map. Once you are finished, place it in a visible place. This way, if you are not sure where you have placed some items, just look at the map, and you will find it quickly. Making a map is yet another perfect way of organizing your storage unit.

Make a map of your storage unit

Organization of your storage unit

Nothing will matter without a good organization. It is best if you put furniture on one side of the storage unit and your boxes on the other side. This way you will have the middle free for easy access. You do not have to bother with moving your items every time you visit the storage unit. Additionally, when you are organizing your boxes, put them in numbered order. All your boxes should be on the shelves and not on the floor in order to avoid any damages. Furthermore, it would be for the best to install shelves into your storage unit. As already mentioned, they will offer additional protection for your items. Your storage unit will look tidier and well-organized with those shelves.

Cleaning your storage unit

It is extremely important to keep your storage unit nice and clean. This especially applies if you rarely visit your storage unit since there will be dust everywhere. Not even your storage unit is safe from dust, which means you must clean it regularly. Dust can be dangerous as it was proven that it contains toxic chemicals. In addition to this, it can cause serious health problems especially if a person is allergic to dust. However, there is a special way of dusting. Never flip a duster from right to left since you will just push the dust to another side. For this reason, use a cloth or some rag to collect the dust. Furthermore, make sure to dust walls properly as well. This may not seem like a tip for organizing your storage unit, but the organization will not matter if the place is dirty.

Tips for organizing your storage unit

Here are some more quick tips for organizing your storage unit.

  • Dismantle your furniture to save space
  • Mirrors and frames should stand on end, never flat
  • Important things should be in the front
  • Never store wet things as they can cause mildew
  • Make sure your household appliances, such as dishwasher or washing machine do not contain water
  • Use sheets to keep the pests away
  • Bubble wrap fragile items
  • Put your books into book size box and never to stand up since in that position you can damage the book spine

For any more pieces of advice, or if you are looking for a good moving company, contact Small World Moving.

Organizing your storage unit

In conclusion, plan ahead and you will not have any problems. Make sure to put your things into boxes and to label them. Additionally, you can make a content list and a map of your storage unit for a better organization.