Transferring utilities when moving

When we plan our relocation there are certain things we tend to forget. One of those things is transferring utilities when moving. This can cause major issues because you may still receive bills for your old address. In the following article, we will provide you with enough information on how to transfer your utilities to your new location and who you need to call before you move. Continue reading and learn more about this!

Start planning before transferring utilities when moving

Now, before you even begin moving and preparing for your relocation you need to get in touch with every utility service provider. Meaning, you must know who provides you with what! When it comes to the providers, they will provide you with cable, water, sewer, internet, gas, electricity, trash, phone, satellite, etc utilities. Make a list of these providers, find their phone numbers and emails and write it down. Now, when you are about to move to your new location, make sure to gather all new contacts for utility companies!

man making a plan for transferring utilities when moving
Transferring utilities when moving is easier if you start in advance

Now, to begin such a process requires a bit of time and patience. Because there is a lot of paperwork you will have to finish. This is the reason why you need to find yourself a professional and reliable moving company. Only these types of movers will value your time and give you enough time to organize yourself with your utility companies! Make sure to mention this when searching for moving companies in Lewisville TX!

Start ahead of time

Now, the important thing to remember when transferring utilities when moving is to start early. This will give you enough time and space to deal with any paperwork you may have to finish. Approximately, 4 weeks is more than enough time you may need to finish up everything you need with the utility companies. Now, this task is especially significant when you plan to move during the summer. Because most of the Americans tend to move during the summer vacation! Utility companies may be very busy and won’t be able to provide you with all the help you need for that relocation

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You will have more time to solve any issues if you start making phone calls a few weeks in advance

While you start a couple of weeks in advance, this is a perfect opportunity to search for those professional movers in Fort Worth. That’s right! You will have more than enough time to find yourself movers that will gladly help you with your relocation and deal with transferring the utilities! If you start in advance, you won’t have any issues finding moving companies Fort Worth.

Locate new utility companies near your new home

This part may be a bit difficult since it depends on where you are moving. There are a lot of utility providers everywhere but you should find the most reliable and affordable ones. It is important not to overpay them since the period after the relocation can be extremely difficult to overcome. It is a period of time when you will be needing extra money to set up your new home easy! Now, what can help you with your search is the list of utility companies in Texas you can use to narrow your search. Having a list of utility companies near you will shorten the time you need to find the best one for yourself!

A woman searching on her tablet
You can use the internet to find new utility companies

Start informing and scheduling

Because it depends on whether or not you are moving locally or long distance, you can calculate when you want your utilities to be turned off and on again. If you are planning to move long distance then you should leave your electricity and water utilities running till the day of the move. This is important because you will use them until the very last day of residing in your old home. Transferring utilities when moving can be simple when it comes to local relocations. You will have more than enough time to set them up in your new home, and that could be done within days! This can give you more than enough time to do a thorough research of the movers you want to hire! Especially when it comes to the moving rates. Make sure you know what to pay attention to when searching for good moving rates!

A man speaking on his phone
Inform your utility companies about your relocation

Start making calls

Once you got that list of utility companies it is time to start making those calls. You need to make sure to mention you are moving soon and that some utilities should be turned off on the day of the move. Meaning, you will most probably be using those utilities till the last day. Now, if the same companies provide you with the same services in your new home, then schedule them to turn them on when you move in. Don’t forget to put everything on your own name because you may end up paying for someone else’s bills. In the case of roommates, make sure you will split the bills when the time comes.

Most of the time people fall victims to such things and end up overpaying everything. This is the same when it comes to moving companies and signing contracts with them. In order to avoid any fraudulent attempts on your wallet make sure you know what to look at on a moving contract before signing it!

Transferring utilities when moving is fairly simple when you have a guide like this! After reading it, you will have more than a clear idea of what you need to do. We hope we gave you enough knowledge to do it properly and without any issues whatsoever. Feel free to give us your feedback on this topic once you are done. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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