Vehicle storage process explained

Do you have a motorcycle or a convertible that you can’t quite drive in the winter? Are you moving for a better job opportunity or some other reason? Naturally, you’d be willing to spend quite some time until you find the best movers in Rockwall TX. You won’t leave anything up to chance when you’re deciding on who will handle your household. But when we’re talking about storing vehicles, people tend to take the whole process less seriously. They end up forgetting to do some tasks or do them the wrong way. And given how expensive and valuable vehicles are that is not something you should do. That’s why we’ve explained the whole vehicle storage process for you!

What could happen if you don’t store your vehicle

Are you wondering why you should take as much time to pick storage as you would to pick movers Allen TX? You already know that consequences and damage to your belongings would be great if you chose a bad moving company. Well, the same would happen if you didn’t store your vehicle properly.

Usually, people think that putting an all-weather car cover is enough. Or putting a vehicle in the garage is the same as storing it in a storage unit. But I must warn you that it isn’t and that the best way to make sure that your vehicle stays in great condition is by storing it properly.

garage doors
Storing your vehicle in your garage works only for a shorter period of time

So let me tell you a bit about what could happen to your vehicle if you don’t store it while you’re away. You can come back to:

  • dead battery
  • damaged engine
  • ruined tires
  • pests in your vehicle
  • dents, scratches and other damages

How to choose vehicle storage

When you are deciding on a storage facility and storage unit for your vehicle there are some things you should consider. First of all, you have to make sure that the facility is well-secured. Paying a little extra for knowing that your car or motorcycle is safe is worth it. If you’re moving at the same time you can try to find a company like Small World Moving TX that offers both moving and storage services.

dollar bills
They will be more willing to give you a discount if your are hiring them for both

As for the storage unit, you should always opt for a climate-controlled one if possible. Keeping your vehicle in a dark and dry place will prevent things like rust, corrosion and sun damage. However, if your budget is tight you can also store your vehicle in a regular storage unit. But in that case, you will have to take more precautions when you’re preparing your car for storage. One more important thing when choosing a storage unit is its size. So, measure your car and don’t forget to include additional width for the mirrors and pick the size of the unit accordingly.

What do you need to store a vehicle?

The answer to this question varies from company to company. Some have more regulations, some have less. But something that is common for most of the storage facilities that store vehicles is the following. Your vehicle must be in running condition or on a trailer. You have to show registration and/or a title of your vehicle. And in some states, you have to pay higher taxes for vehicle storage so you should find out the tax rate in your country when you’re figuring out your budget.

Vehicle storage preparations

Good preparation of cars and motorcycles for long-term storage includes basically maintenance and cleaning. Of course, there are various different ways how to do that but we’ll give you some proven ways here.

How to do some basic maintenance

Before storing your vehicle it’s important that you perform maintenance for storage. If you do this you will feel more relaxed and you’ll be sure that your car will stay in great condition. Plus, it will be ready for you to drive it as soon as you get back or the weather gets warm enough.

So, what you need to do is fill the tank with a high-quality gasoline. By doing so you will prevent condensation from forming in the tank. To make sure that the fuel on your tank lasts for at least a year you can add a fuel stabilizer. This will protect the engine from rust and varnish. Also, don’t forget to change other fluids like brake fluid, the oil, and antifreeze. You should also figure out what you want to do with your tires. If your vehicle is stored for too long the tires can develop flat spots. One way to prevent that is by taking the vehicle for a short drive or by removing the tires altogether and placing it in jack stands.

a car on a road - vehicle storage
Having someone take your car for a spin or two will also keep all the mechanical and hydraulic parts working perfectly.

Now, one thing you should remove from your vehicle is its battery. It will discharge over time, but more importantly, the acids can escape from it and damage your car. Then place the battery on a clean and dry surface and connect it to a float charger. This device gives the battery enough electrical power to keep it charged over a long period of time.

Time for cleaning your vehicle

It may seem strange at first sight that you’re supposed to clean your vehicle before storing it. Especially considering that you won’t be using it for quite some time. But if you don’t clean it properly, things like water stains and bird droppings can damage the paint. Furthermore, dirt can attract various pests and in combination with moisture it can cause rust.

That’s why you should thoroughly wash every inch of your vehicle and add a layer of wax to further protect it. Then vacuum and dust the interior. Apply a conditioner to any vinyl surfaces to prevent them from drying out or developing any odors. Get your car to the storage unit only after it is completely dried. Place a large container of mothballs on the floor around and under the vehicle to keep critters away. And finally, use a car cover for added protection after you wipe down your vehicle one final time.

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