What to do with leftover moving boxes?

Moving is a bit of a messy process.  You take all your possessions and you pack them up for shipping. Obviously, this includes a lot of packing supplies. And what are the most used packing supplies? Boxes. Therefore, after the move, you are usually left with a lot of moving boxes. This then begs the question, what do you do with the leftover moving boxes? As you will see in the article below, there are actually a lot of uses for them. After all, moving boxes are one of the most versatile packing supplies, that have a lot of recyclabilities. So, read on, to find out how you can use leftover moving boxes to the best of their ability.

In-house storage

First on our list is something that is also the most obvious use for leftover moving boxes. That is in-house storage. As the move is finished, you will be left over with a lot of unpacking to do. However, you might find yourself lacking in time. After all, a move takes up a significant amount of time, especially if it is a long-distance one. After the move is complete you might feel exhausted or want to prepare yourself for the working week ahead. Especially if you moved during the weekend. This all means that in some cases, unpacking everything at once may not be on the top on your list of priorities.

A calendar
To make the post-move process easier, unpack items by their priority for the season.

What you could do in this case is a sort of triage. You pick the groups of items that you will need in the immediate future and unpack them on the day your move is done. Then set aside a category of boxes containing items that are not urgent to unpack, however, you will need them soon enough to set aside some time to unpack them during the next weekend. Finally, the third group should be items that you can prepare for long-term storage. For example, if your move has occurred during the spring, you can set Christmas decorations aside, already packed in their moving box, until the proper season arrives. All this will save you time right after the move, and allow you to rest. Just think rationally what you will need first and unpack the rest later

Make your child happy

Another thing you can do with leftover moving boxes is to make your child happy. After unpacking the items after the move you can use the moving boxes to go all creative. Help your child make an indoor fortress out of them, just like a pillow fort, but better. On the other hand, you can help them make it into a costume. Finally, you can go full-on creative and check out some creative uses for cardboard on-line. Depending on your child’s age, you can help them make whatever they set out to, from leftover boxes, making it a child-parent bonding exercise.

A child holding her hands up with paint on them.
IF you have an artsy child you can use leftover moving boxes for an art project.

All of this will result in reducing your child’s moving stress. After all, moving is not easy on the adults either, however, it can have a huge impact on your child. While you might have moved during your life before, changing the landscape of your life, for a child that hasn’t moved before the move will mean leaving the only environment they ever knew and moving somewhere completely different. This especially applies to long-distance moves, where they also leave behind all their friends.

Get rid of leftover moving boxes.

Finally, another thing you can do with leftover moving boxes is to simply get rid of them. However, just throwing them away is a waste of their potential and you will see below exactly what we mean by that.


While there are uses for leftover moving boxes, as we have discussed above, they may not appeal to you. This will mean that you are suddenly left with a lot of leftover moving boxes once the move is done. And they can create quite a bit of mess. Now, something that is advisable with every move is to de-clutter. This act includes taking a rational look at your belongings and what can fit in your new home and deciding what to bring with you in a move. Not only does it save you money on moving supplies it also does away with the mess of a cluttered home. And one type of clutter are leftover moving boxes.

A person gifting a leftover moving box.
Donate to reduce your won clutter while becoming a part of a very positive network!

So it stands to reason you would throw away your old moving boxes right? Well, what if we told you could use them to do some good in the world? There are web sites that offer people free moving supplies, the goal of which is to both help people take care of the environment and help each other out. So why not donate your leftover moving boxes and become a part of this all-around positive network?


Another thing you could do to get rid of leftover moving boxes is to sell them. Moving companies will usually offer packing supplies like boxes for purchase. While not the biggest moving cost, it too will impact your budget. So, maybe you want to get some of that money back after the move is done? Well, amongst other things, you can sell your moving supplies. Just look around the internet, in this modern age you can find many places to sell just about anything. Sites like Craigslist and Facebook marketplace could be a good place to start. You can also look for moving forums or Facebook groups and offer your leftover moving boxes for sale there.

The many uses of leftover moving boxes

As you have seen, the uses for leftover moving boxes are many. It all depends on what you prefer to do with them. Maybe you want to sell them or donate them and reduce your clutter while saving yourself a buck. Or maybe you want to make them into an art project with your child? Whatever you do, we are sure you will pick the best use for your leftover moving boxes!