When is the cheapest time to relocate?

Stress often happens during the relocation of people. People make the same mistake of waiting for the last minute to relocate. And when the moving day approaches they find out they have just too many items to pack anyway. Sometimes this leads into having to cancel or postpone the relocation day. To avoid any unnecessary costs you could have, we wrote an article about this topic. Here you will find out when is the cheapest time to relocate, as well on how to save money on relocation!

What time of the year is the cheapest time to relocate?

Statistics say that over 50 million Americans relocate on yearly basis. And, analyzing the info, they came to the conclusion that almost 60% of relocations from May through September. This period is when the relocation companies are the busiest. Reason for this can be found in the summer vacation. People, especially those with kids, use summer vacation to relocate without missing any school or business days. Planning to move means you have to plan it well ahead. Also, it might be a good idea to pass these months. The movers are the busiest during that period and also not cheap. That is because they are in demand and have a lot of work to do. The cheapest time to relocate would be fall, winter or the beginning of spring. If you chose to relocate during these seasons, you will surely save more money. While you are planning your relocation think about other ways to earn money. For instance, one of the ways you can get some extra cash is knowing why and how to declutter your home.

A calendar showing months
The cheapest time to relocate is from May through September

Are holidays a good time to move?

During the holidays you might encounter a lot of traffic. Furthermore, there are chances you will end up in a traffic jam instead of fast relocation. Most of the holidays include heavy traffic jams than any other time of the year. This, of course, will cause you more troubles and issues than any other date. This is especially important to remember if you plan to move to a place where you do not know anyone. Avoid moving right before any major holiday. It is not because you won’t meet anyone new, but with all the ruckus and things happening at the time, you won’t finish anything in time. So, to answer our question, no, holidays are not a good time to relocate. If you move after the holidays you will have more time to meet new folks and to settle in with ease. What can easily be of great help during this period is if you find a reliable moving company in Texas. If you think you can’t finish it up alone, then this should do the trick just fine!

A sparkler representing holidays which are not the cheapest time to relocate
Avoid moving on holidays

What time of the month is best for the move?

Cheapest time to relocate requires research! As with everything in your lives, you need to take time and careful planning! If you are planning to move, then the best time of the month is mid-month. Statistically, the most popular time people move is either at the end of the month or at the beginning. This time people usually move to their new places, because new rents either begin at the beginning or end of the month. Also, depending on the state and company, they either receive their pay in the beginning and in the middle of the month. So they will have money to plan and relocate. Mid-month is the period when people are too busy with their daily lives and duties! That’s when you can commit to your relocation. What you can do in the first half of the month is prepare for the move. Learn all there is to know about how to efficiently pack your home for relocation! That way when the moving day comes, you will be absolutely ready for it!

A calendar showing a month
Move either in mid-month or near the end

Moving week and moving day!

At last, there are a couple of weeks until the moving day arrives! So what is the cheapest time to relocate on this micro level? Well, weeks prior to the move you can call your movers to set up a day and time of your relocation! The best time in the week for relocation is Monday through Thursday! As you guessed it, avoiding Fridays and weekends is imperative when it comes to moving. If you wish to relocate, the best period is during mid-week. There is not so much traffic, and movers do not have that many customers. People often plan their relocations on Fridays and weekends. Thus, making it almost impossible to find a reliable moving company, let alone a cheaper one. Movers will be ready to negotiate a lower price during the week, just to have customers! Not everyone, of course, but some might be able to put the price down. In the last week before relocation, you can do some final things. For example, if you relocate a lot of items, you can opt to rent a storage unit. Opting for storage units is a good idea if you want to keep some items safe during the relocation. Which is why it is good to know how to prepare your storage unit?

words saying days of the week
Move during mid-week to avoid weekend rushes

 Of course, when the moving day arrives it is best to move early in the morning. Since you will have the rest of the day to settle in and unpack your boxes. We hope our guide helped you find out what is the cheapest time to relocate! Knowing these little secrets, you will surely save some money on your relocation! Hit us up in the comment section if you have something to add up!