Best summer activities in Dallas

Have you found a good job or a lovely place to settle down with your family? Congratulations! Whether you are moving locally or making a long-distance move, the moving process requires organization, making plans, and checklist in advance and sorting out your budget. However, if you want to save some of your precious time, you should hire one of the best moving companies Dallas to assist you with your relocation. But, what will you do when you arrive? Did you think of what are the best summer activities in Dallas? Spending quality time with your family is very important, and you will have a lot to see and do in Dallas! Therefore, today we will talk about the best summer activities in Dallas! Let’s get started!

Summer Activities in Dallas – Where to go and What to do?

Dallas is located in the North Texas area and it’s the second-largest city in the state. It is also a good and popular gateway for people from across Southeast and Southwest of the United States and for a good reason of course. Dallas doesn’t lack on activities during the summer! Whether you are a resident or just passing by and spending a vacation here, you will definitely have a lovely time!

However, if you are moving to Dallas and you posses a lot of valuable items that need to be taken care of properly, you should consider hiring movers that have white glove delivery services. And now, let’s talk about something that you are interested in the most – summer activities in Dallas!

  • Dallas World Aquarium
  • Spend an Exciting Day at Six Flags
  • Visit the Oldest Zoo In Texas
  • Spend the day at the lake
  • Zero Gravity Thrill Park

Dallas World Aquarium

Visiting Dallas world aquarium is a unique experience and an opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon with your family but also, to learn something new. World aquarium is a great alternative to being outside, especially during the hot summer days. You will be able to experience plenty of educational activities. The exhibits that Dallas world aquarium features are:

  • The Orinoco – featuring the wildlife of South American rain forest
  • Borneo – features the marine and wildlife from the wonderful continent of Australia
  • Mundo Maya – is a 400,000-gallon tank, presenting marine life of the Yucatan Peninsula
  • South Africa – features animals from Madagascar

When you arrive at your new destination, you should also throw a housewarming party to meet and get to know your new, lovely neighbors!

aquarium. fishes
Want to avoid the heat on a hot summer day? Visit the Dallas World Aquarium!

Spend an Exciting Day at Six Flags

Visit Six Flags over Texas and you will have something to talk about for years! This place offers rides, show and a lot more to the Dallas area visitors! Six Flags is a great destination for the whole family. There are plenty of different rides suited for visitors of all ages. You will help your children settle in and adapt faster if you let them enjoy and have fun.

Your little ones can enjoy rides such as Bugs Bunny Spirit of St. Louie where they can fly in circles on an airplane! Older kids can enjoy rides such as Acme Rock-N-Rocket. However, if you want to cool off, there is a “wet” ride called Aquaman Splashdown!

Summer Activities in Dallas – Visit the Oldest Zoo In Texas

Dallas Zoo is the first Zoo in the Southwest United States. This Zoo was founded in 1888 and it is the oldest Zoo in Texas. Dallas Zoo is the longest-running zoo and also the most impressive zoo in the Lone Star State. The zoo is spreading across 100 acres and if you decide to visit this wonderful place, you should know that you will certainly need a whole day! Dallas zoo is home to plenty of wonderful animals such as elephants, giraffes, lions, zebras and much more!

zoo, animal, bull
Do you love animals? Visit the oldest zoo in Texas!

Spend the day at the lake

If you just want to chill and spend a calm and relaxing day with your family, you should head to White Rock Lake! In the middle of one of the largest cities, you will be able to relax and enjoy 1000 acre oasis called White Rock Lake! If you want to spend a lovely day away from the hustle and urban life, this is a place for you. You will find 9 miles of hiking and biking trails, but also bird watching areas and fishing piers.

One of The Summer Activities in Dallas – Zero Gravity Thrill Park

Fun for the whole family – Zero Gravity Thrill Park! If you love the excitement and you are also an adrenaline rush lover, this is the best place for you! One of a kind theme park offers excitement and wonderful experiences on rides that are really “falls”! Six-story free falls into a safety net or bungee jumps are the most popular ones and also highly recommended if you are not scared! Enjoy!

bungee jump, nature
Do you like excitement? Try bungee jumping!

Moving to Dallas? – Hire a Professional Mover!

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These were just a few of the best summer activities in Dallas! When you arrive and start exploring, you will find out a lot of other things you can do in Dallas during the summer. One thing is for sure! You won’t be disappointed! Have a good trip and best of luck!