How to throw a housewarming party after the move

Your move is done! You are settled in and unpacked. Anyone who has ever moved in their lives will know just how much of a cause for celebration this is. And what better way to celebrate than throwing a housewarming party after the move, for you and your friends to enjoy? To help you organize this and make it the best time possible, we came up with the following article. So read on, to find out how to organize a great party to mark the start of another chapter in your life, in your new home!

Organize it right

Most of the activities related to organizing a housewarming party after the move can be done when your relocation is complete. However, there is something you should plan to do before the move. What we are referring to here is letting your friends know that you will be throwing a housewarming party after the move. As moving professionals like Dallas movers might tell you, moving can turn hectic. It is easy in a situation like that to forget to notify your friend on time that you will be throwing a housewarming party. Depending on their schedule this might cause them to miss your party.

A woman using a laptop.
Make sure you let your friends know that you will be throwing a housewarming party after the move, so they can plan their time accordingly.

Obviously, this will not help reduce your moving stress. It would be best then to let your friends know you will be throwing a housewarming party after your move. You don’t have to give them a precise date right away. Just having them plan on it should be enough. Once you do know the precise date of your move, let your friends know, as to ensure their attendance.

Plan the housewarming party after the move

Another thing you should keep in mind when planning to throw a housewarming party is when to do it. While you might be compelled to unpack completely before throwing the party, there are reasons to not do so. Having a portion of your items still packed up will help with freeing up space in your home. It will also help you with cleaning your new home. Obviously, you will need to unpack most of your belongings. However, think about the things you won’t be needing for the party that just might get in the way.

Moving boxes.
Unpack what you will need for the party and store the rest for easier cleaning and more space for the party!

So then, what should you do with the rest of your items? Naturally, you won’t leave moving boxes just lying around for your party. One thing you could do is rent out a storage space for that one day. That way you can use the most of your space in your new home. on the other hand, if you have the space in your home, you can put the unpacked boxes in a spare room, attic or basement. Here green crates rental could come in handy, as green crates are easy to stack. This will mean that you can place more of them in a smaller room, while still not renting out a full storage unit.

Get the supplies

Next up, you will want to gather supplies for your housewarming party after the move. Depending on how well you labeled your moving boxes you might have glasses and plates at hand. However, it would be smart here to go out and buy plastic cups and cardboard plates. This will make it easier for you to tidy up after the party. As far as drinks go, create a group message for all your invited friends and have a poll on what they would like to drink. This way you will get a general idea of what to buy.

Drinks on a table.
Check what your friends would like to drink to have their favorite beverage in sufficient amounts.

Also, depending on the type of party you’re throwing, decide what kind of food do you want to go with. For an active, youth party, you can do with simple snacks. On the other hand, if you want to spice your party a little, you can find great canape recipes online. Finally, if it will be more of a dinner party with your closest friends, you can cook a full meal. Just keep in mind that that will require unpacking plates, pots, and pans as well as spending the time on shopping for ingredients and cooking.

What is a housewarming party without some great music?

Another thing to think about when throwing a housewarming party after the move is what music you will be playing. It’s relatively easy to find a good playlist online that you could use. On the other hand, you can have your friends send you a few suggestions and make a playlist out of those. Finally, if you want to make it into a fun activity, you can play DJ roulette. The rules of this game are simple. Everyone interested gets their turn in picking the music.

As long as people are moving and having a good time, that person gets to stay the DJ. However, if they chose a song that doesn’t make the people move, their turn ends. Then the next person steps up, and so on until everyone interested has had their turn. Then, simply start it all over, giving previous DJs a chance to shine again!

Should you invite your neighbors?

Finally, when throwing a housewarming party after the move, you can use the opportunity to meet your neighbors. Inviting them to the party with your other friends there will let you get to know them without the awkwardness of just you being alone with your neighbors. After all, at this moment you will practically be strangers. However having a party atmosphere will make them more likely to loosen up, making getting to know your neighbors easier!

How to throw a housewarming party after the move right

There you have it. Outlined you have all the important elements for throwing a great housewarming party after the move. Of course, a lot of these elements will depend on your friend’s age and preferences. However, having read through our article, we are confident that you are ready to take this task, head on!