How to Create Extra Space in Your Storage Unit

If you need some extra space to store your belongings outside the house while, before or after the move, storage units are a great option for you. You can store them temporarily or for a longer period of time. Moreover, you are free to store there whatever you want, they can usually fit so many items. However, if you have a lot of possessions and need a better organization to fit everything in one storage unit you are in the right place. If you want to learn how to create extra space in your storage unit, just keep reading.

Tips on How to Create Extra Space in Your Storage Unit

If you need to store a huge number of items, then the best solution is to make some extra space. Good organization is the key. So, here are some tips which will help you create extra space in your storage unit.

  1. Store Vertically;
  2. Make shelves on the wall;
  3. Think in terms of Russian Dolls;
  4. Disassemble furniture;
  5. Label.

Store Vertically

The very first tip that we can give you if you want to create extra space in your storage unit is to store your belongings vertically. You should put one box on top of another until you reach the ceiling. You can just imagine how much more space overall you will have if you just keep doing this with all of your belongings. Just make sure to place the heaviest items on the floor and the easiest on the top. That way you will avoid breaking something or making a dent. You certainly don’t want to destroy your possessions along the way.

Moreover, you don’t have to do everything alone. Some moving companies, such as Small World Moving TX, can help you store and move everything.  Or, you can work together on storing your belongings vertically. If you do that, you will see how much more you can fit into your storage unit.

Putting boxes vertically in order to create extra space in your storage unit
Putting items on top of one another gives you extra space with which you can do whatever you like

Make Shelves on the Wall

Your goal is to use up each and every corner of your storage unit, one of them is the wall. Walls don’t have to be bare, they can be a pretty useful storing solution. What you can do with your bare walls is make shelves on them. Make on shelve on top of the other with minimal space between them. You can put some items which are not that heavy. You know that you cannot fit everything in a box or especially if you need them for frequent usage, so shelves are sometimes necessary. You can store your musical instruments, books, jewelry, clothes, and even some fragile object. That way you won’t worry what might happen to them in a box where you cannot easily see them.

Think in Terms of Russian Dolls

As you already know, Russian dolls are a set of dolls placed one inside of another. Each of the is smaller than the previous one, that is how they fit one inside another. You can do the same thing with your possessions. If you want to make extra space in your storage unit, this could be the smartest thing you could do. Take the largest box you have and start fitting the smaller things inside. If some of the smaller things have openings, don’t forget to fill them up completely. Each and every hole should be used. Additionally, if your storage unit is in Allen TX, movers Allen TX can help you with everything you need. So, store everything you have smartly. You can save up way more of the space than you have thought. Little things matter the most.

Use a technique of Russian dolls to create extra space in your storage unit
When you start storing your items keep in mind an image of Russian dolls-it will help you get more creative

Disassemble Furniture

If you have some bulky objects or anything that just unnecessarily takes up too much of your space, if possible, disassemble them. When you start doing that, you will realize that organization is the key. This step might now be easy, so if you need help you can contact movers in Rockwall Tx. They can help you organize the whole relocation. However, if you choose to do this by yourself, You have to think creatively. Try to make some bulky belongings occupy less space. For example, when you disassemble a table you will get the legs and the top of a table. If you store them vertically they will just take up the smallest part of your storage unit. You can do the same with wardrobes, bed frames, chairs, and many other objects. This way you will maximize your space pretty effectively.

Man trying to create extra space in your storage unit
When you disassemble your furniture and take the pieces of it, you can then store them more easily wherever you like

Label Everything

As you have learned so far, you can do many things to maximize your storage unit. However, don’t forget to label everything you store. Your belongings will be all over the place and it is impossible to remember where you have put everything. For that reason, it would be smart to put a label on each piece that you store. There is no use in storing everything nicely if it will take you a lot of time to find what you need. This is especially relevant for the smallest items that will not be that easily found. Especially if they are stored in a Russian doll manner. Moreover, you can prepare the labels in advance and take them with you when you start storing your items. That way you will also save up a bit of your time and energy when you most need it.

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