How to keep kids entertained during a move

Moving can prove to be very disruptive to children’s lives, if not just a little boring. We’re sure you want your little ones to feel as comfortable with all the changes as possible. Not only that, but you want them to stay put and out of the way. You have a lot to do, after all, and there are plenty of ways kids can get hurt, especially when you’re busy with the relocation. So how do you keep them occupied? Here’s how to keep kids entertained during a move.

Involve your kids in the move

Odds are you already intend on hiring the best movers Carrollton TX or whichever city has to offer. However, why not get a little help from your little helpers? Seeing that you’re already dealing with so much on your plate, getting your kids involved with the relocation could pay off for you.

Of course, they wouldn’t do anything too taxing or dangerous, especially if they’re really young. While the movers Plano TX is home to do the legwork, your kids can help with packing things that aren’t heavy or fragile. Alternatively, they can label boxes or something that isn’t terribly important at the moment. You should handle the most crucial aspects of the move, after all, but the kids can assist you with the little chores. You’ll lighten your workload a tad, and the tykes will feel included and useful.

Keep kids entertained during a move with a deck of cards

A deck of cards is an amazing way to make moving more fun for kids. For one, they are very compact, enough so to carry them in your pockets. Second of all, they can provide a ton of different games to entertain everyone.

Assuming your young ones are old enough to play card games, this is an amazing, fun idea. The number of games you can play with the kids is exhaustive. Here are just some ideas:

  • Crazy eights
  • Go fish
  • Rummy (a great way to keep kids entertained during a move if they’re a bit older)
  • Beggar my neighbor
  • Snip, snap, snorem
  • War

While you handle the move alongside your residential movers in Dallas, the kids can occupy each other with card games.

Whip out the books

In times of great disruption and activity, you probably want your kids to stay put and accounted for. To that end, few things will work to keep your kids occupied during a move quite as well as a book. While reading, they will remain seated (or lying down) in the same place for a long while. Not only that but reading is an independent activity, so that will leave you free to tend to your obligations. And on top of all that, your children will be quiet when reading (we hope, at least). This is particularly useful if you have a single child or particularly boisterous kids.

Shelves filled with books
Books are a quick and affordable solution to entertaining your children

Keep kids entertained during a move by breaking out a ball

Kids have a lot of energy, as all parents eventually find out. And that energy can be a handful to deal with if there is no proper outlet for it to get drained. We all know about the hyperactive misadventures children can get into when they don’t have anything physical to do for a while. You may feel exhausted (though much less so with local movers Texas can offer you), and your little ones’ enthusiasm may feel extra grating.

So, you want to give your kids a way to vent that extra energy. A great way to do that is to get a hold of a ball and just let them have some fun with it. You can play catch with them or kick the ball around, depending on the surroundings. The former is better for indoor since throwing with your hands makes for better ball control. Kicking is great for people with yards or similar open spaces available because it can be a great calorie burner.

A football to keep kids entertained during a move
If you have the space for it, a football will keep your kids occupied for a long time

Download a fun movie, show, or game

Oftentimes, to keep kids entertained during a move is pretty difficult. Luckily, it’s much easier to get it done nowadays, thanks to the miracle that is technology. An endless pool of movies, TV shows, and video games are right there for you at the click of a button.

With that in mind, here’s an easy solution to entertain your kids during a move: give the kids something to watch or play while you work on the relocation. You can choose some great movies for them to enjoy and keep them occupied. Or if they prefer gaming, why not let them play a game? Maybe they can play multiplayer and compete against each other (if they have access to more than one gaming device).

Child watching TV
TV is a great way to keep your kids in one place

Make sure to set out some time for your children

If your children are getting a little rowdy, stop and think if there is a reason for that. Perhaps they are feeling uncomfortable about these new changes in their lives. And maybe they are finding ways to lash out by being disruptive.

This might be particularly true if the change is substantial. For example, you may be moving long-distance, which would be a drastic shift for them. You can hire the best long distance movers Dallas can provide, but they can’t bring along all of your little ones’ friends and playgrounds.

This situation calls for you to have a frank one-on-one with them. Talk about their feelings and make sure they know you’re there for them. Be as understanding as you can, it will really yield dividends. You can keep your kids busy during a move, but that might just hide a deeper issue.


You want to keep your relocation smooth and stress-free, but that may be a bit more challenging when you have children. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to keep kids entertained during a move. Give the tips above a try, and they will barely feel the move.